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Sonnet 9: My Brother’s Keeper

Fallen Man—God’s theodic instrument, 
Beguiled, cursed and exiled by primeval 
Determinants—raised to be immanent: 
Good fates its telos by willing evil.
O actuated paradox! transcends
Causality that veils the astral planes:
Volition to pick and choose means and ends. 
Crossed-out Scripture’s cross-outed siblings’ banes: 
Jealous and unfavored rose up and slayed—
Grabbed the heel then rooked the birthright blessing— 
Color-coated dreamer waylaid and slaved—
Prodigal son unsung by son pressing.
Naught to naught, ever my brother’s keeper—
Whose squared writ runs kept to keep me deeper.
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Sonnet 8: Paternal Lineage

Harken back to time immemorial:
Your paternal lineage—stout peasant
Farmers—dwelt nigh Dalmatian pastoral
Shores, to eke out their hardscrabble pleasance.
Great-dad earned his Gotham passage stoking
Coal hoping chance stamps him a stevedore.
Grand-dad—a compelled truant suffering
A paupered regency—wrought by world war,
Made shift until his father’s ship came in.
Schooled a captain’s waiter, jumped ship to port
At Liberty—hence roots a citizen:
For three-score and six he fêted his forte. 
Your father, first to college ere suited,
Yet your surpassings art most saluted!
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Sonnet 7: Happy Father’s Day

Love beatifies acts of sacrifice,
Acquits itself just in discharging debts,
Provides kinfolk a glimpse of paradise:
Quantums by which fathers love their begets.
Fathers contend to paint life in Vermeers:
Provincial scenes limned in domestic bliss—
Whilst enthralled in their sundry métiers,
Their bidden toils bids not a Judas kiss.
Sanguine dreams and high ideals reify
Communal linkages ‘twixt dads and progeny:
Inherent traits redound to signify
A hale family’s epic odyssey.
Keen gratitude for a dad’s priceless worth,
Spans the years to reckon from ere one’s birth.
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Sonnet 6: Happy Mother’s Day

Love sanctifies acts of forgiveness,
Flourishes in the presence of respect,
Creates miracles of natal quickness:
Credits to a mother’s bearing aspect.
Mother's births their babies and vice versa—
Both conceived in love, by love, to be loved:
Acts of love in the main to minutia
Assures that her love’s labor’s gains are proved.
A mother’s legacy from rearing hers
Rests in the begetting of their success:
God's gift of grandchildren when it occurs
Crowns her blessings with glorified address.
A mother’s children are the dividends
Of her husband’s love that ever attends.

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Sonnet 5: A Toast to a Model Son

Charmed indeed by your sirenic mother—
We blended-four joined in matrimony:
Gained you, my wife’s son-cum-daughter’s brother—
In due course a brace blessed our family.
Our huddled mass scored a home by rite:
Raised a bustling ménage, all in good cheer. 
Ye modern valedictorian wright—
Graduated a lettered engineer:
Proud of you, most honorable of gents!
Pending nuptials I gift my précis on Love: 
Philia-cum-Eros ere Pragma dents; 
Agápe-cum-Storge—signs of the Dove.
A toast and my love for a model son—
Shared with your sweet wife for two become one.

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Sonnet 3: Filial Bonds

As unique as a Fire Lily’s debut—
You arrived a gem with resonate flare, 
Blessed with a sanguine air of derring-do: 
Your avant-garde lifts to your savoir-faire. 
Relative time is of a special kind:
The past, present and future are as one— 
Withal your ipseity is affined
To eternal recurrence, life’s bon ton.
The liniments of your life stem from your 
Forebears for you to color-in anew:
As recursive reflections of their lore— 
Immortal mortals: issues all redux.
Envenomed gall dissolves not filial
Bonds—love conquers all my sweet lineal.

Sonnet 2: Love Redux

Bedeviled as ‘belled cats’ to suffer toils,
Hazards and costs on the cuff. You and I,
Born fettered to Man’s original coils;
Withered and waned whilst our love turned awry. 
Outmatched, yet we won laudable titles.
To sustain the loft we grasped the nettle— 
Our pride pierced to the quick of our vitals: 
Chagrined with debts penniless to settle. 
Frantic to resolve lest we turn the tide,
Else castaways marooned on the Altar
Of Mammon. To the abyss fell our pride— 
Bankrupting dreams, O reckless defaulter!
Ere the ground breaks us we’ll prosper anew, 
Withal, we’ll break grounds à la love redux.
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