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Sonnet 23: 12 Labors of Hercules

Roar’s chaste hide skinned, worn proud, proves pride’s mane dead;
Clipped heads double back till seared necks grow naught;
Gilded rack trapped though arrows she out fled;
Goring grunter run-down ere snowbound caught.
Twain waterways bolder-choked sluiced sty clean;
Forged gift rousts bronze-beaked raptors up ere fired;
Horned beast rampages, subdued by Strength’s spleen;
Mares moated, groom downed—mouths stitched—homed retired.
Girded Shrew deigns—baited slain—her boon stole;
Strait through, sun cupped, triune slayed—rustles bugged;
Stymied, lifer freed, picked by trick world’s thole;
Permission conditioned hell’s hound throats tugged.
Spelled insane, slew his clan—Priestess assized,
Twelve years and labors ere immortalized..