Monthly Archives: January 2019

Sonnet 3: Edifying a Solipsistic Scion

As original as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony debut—

You arrived a rhapsodic opus flourishing with flare.

An artistic prodigy whose sanguine air of derring-do

Is complected with your avant-garde and savoir-faire.

Time being a relative theory of the special kind,

Wherein the past, present and future merge as one.

The testimony of your ‘eternal recurrence’ is affined

To infinite moments that forever remain undone.

The liniments of your gifts come courtesy of your

Progenitors from which by wont you color-in anew.

Begotten recursive essence, reflected in ancestral lore,

Emerges from your existence—then to heirs redux.

   Venomed gall dissolves not the ordained immortality of filial

   Bonds—au contraire mon filleamor vincit omnia my lineal.                                                                                  

–Love Dad