Sonnet 28: Croatian Vacations

Our father newborn interwar forth strove—
Of Dalmatian stock shipped to Gotham quay,
Weds his bride ere begets their treasure trove:
Homeland sojourns under vine and fig tree.
A seaside hamlet mapped on rocky treads—
Jammed by loaded brays and fatted stock flocks.
Maids bore water-brimmed jugs up on their heads—
Drawn from public wells. Bocci bowls and knocks.
Masoned homes roofed by tiles clay monk and nun,
Skirts the steepled church and belfry tower:
Framed by fish boats, crop farms and Alps nigh sun—
Homespun, sweat and feasts! Snubbed motive power.
I rote the bouts my proud ancestors braved.
I note the past, successors crave be saved.

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