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Time to Out the Leftist Fifth Column

Time to Avert Civil War II

February 4, 2019

The entire brigade of omnipresent Leftist Fifth Column (“LFC”) collaborators were unabashedly convinced that the 2016 Presidential Election would result in a monumental Democrat victory. Such a victory, if secured, would necessarily provide Democrats with an unequivocal assurance of attaining political hegemony for the foreseeable future. Had the “People” unwittingly given the election to HRC, the Democrats would have been granted, according to their own solipsistic calculus, a free license to practice unbridled corruption while augmenting their patented pay-to-play political schema. Withal, the Democrats under the leadership of HRC would have continued, after the fashion of America’s quisling to the Globalists, Barak Obama—A/K/A the ‘Confidence Sloganeer’ of “Hope and Change”, to facilitate the wholesale capitulation of United States sovereignty to the Leftist-Globalist-Secularist New World Order. Simply put the agenda of the LFC, posing as Social Justice Warriors (“SJW”) is dedicated to the objectives of ‘America Last’ and ‘Never Make America Great Again’, which stands diametrically opposed to President’s Trump agenda of ‘America First’ and ‘Make America Great Again.

The LFC led by the Obama-Clinton alliance aimed to implement the quintessential Postmodernist Neo-Marist Socialist agenda that called for the redistribution of the wealth—a surefire recipe for effectuating the moral and financial bankruptcy of the United States. Specifically speaking, the LFC plans to confiscate the wealth of the citizens and corporations of the United States by way of a sky-high tax rates. That wealth will be spent and exhausted on programs with no way to create new wealth, because Socialism does not create wealth, it can only spend wealth. With the United States crippled by fiscal adversity the Leftist-Globalist-Secularists would have a free-hand to fully realize the New World Order, with the elites from the LFC running the world and everyone in it. The LFC, using their ‘ends to justify the means’ philosophy, requires that they impeach President Trump because he is the one obstacle that can thwart the Postmodernist Neo-Marist Socialist agenda.

Obama and Clinton along with their cronies of the Deep State stand to rule as elitists over an otherwise classless and borderless world population mired in ideological utopian ideals that will, by rapid evolutions, turn dystopian. During the intervening transformation the LFC will have secured power to rule the New World Order. Fortuitously, the “People” knew better and elected Trump in 2016 to stymy the LFC, with the hope that Trump would ‘Drain the Swamp’ of its practitioners of corrupted Tammy Hall-style politics. Perchance, if not perforce, and by the grace and ardent support of the “People” President Trump’s doings will ‘Make America Great Again’ by putting ‘America First’.

Democrats, however, were shocked when Trump effectively deracinated their grandiose expectations by winning the Presidency in 2016; who by the way, was the right man at the right time for the right job. For the record, what a great job President Trump is doing vis-à-vis the economic boom, repatriation of manufacturing, making international trade profitable, enforcing NATO’s financial obligations, implementing massive deregulation, legislating comprehensive tax reform, securing world peace through military strength, establishing energy independence, etc., despite the incessant and constipating obstructions perpetrated by the all too dubious members of the LFC.

Notwithstanding the precedent of a peaceful transfer of power upon the President’s inauguration (the recurring hallmark that reaffirms the success of the greatest experiment in political history), the LFC refuses to accept the lawful election results. Furthermore, the LFC has leveled an unprecedented avalanche of conspiratorial ultra vires and intra vires tactics to frustrate the will of the “People” from their choice of President—thereby risking the longstanding tradition respecting the peaceful transfer of power. This includes, amongst other things, the scandalous Obama-Clinton tag-team tactics of weaponizing certain organs of government (i.e., CIA, FBI and DOJ) to discredit Trump in order to steal the election for HRC, and by extension the LFC. This unfolding has revealed the undeniable existence of the Deep State, aka ‘The Swamp’. Fortunately, President Trump has the fortitude, temperament and whetted wit to fight the LFC on every front—thank God and Twitter too.

If President Trump is not elected to a second term of office, I fear that the climate of civil discord may escalate to civil unrest and lead to disobedience, and then to Civil War II. Given President Trump’s unimpeachable and incomparable record of constructive ‘Promises Made/Promises Kept’ it is inconceivable that any American would take issue to the ‘America First” agenda, which the President has delivered in spades. Unless of course you are a member of LFC—because the objective of the LFC is not to put ‘America First’ and not to ‘Make America Great Again’. With that said it is imperative that the LFC is exposed, discredited and brought to justice. In all events, all patriotic citizens of every stripe and color must help to preserve the nation and vote Republican in 2020. It is in the interests of every citizen that President Trump win a consecutive term in office to complete his mandate, which includes the dismantling of the LFC. Not since the Civil War (1861-1865) has the level of civil discord in the United States been so deeply stitched into the warp and woof of party politics; which if not dealt with, could spell another bloody confrontation between Republicans and Democrats.

The LFC in the United States can be seen everywhere. It is comprised of an ad hoc alignment between the following constituents, including, by and large: the Democrat Party (Crypto-Socialists Coming Out), Deep State Bureaucrats (Intelligentsia Technocrats), Mainstream Media (Orwellian Propagandists), Hollywood Machinery (Celebrity Elitists), Social Media & Technology Giants (Constitutional Oppositionists), Wall Street Bankers (Financial Oligarchs) and the Education Establishment (Indoctrinators of Social Justice Warrior Activists). In other words, the LFC is a broad range coalition of coincidental activists, representing the foregoing key public and private organizations along with their respective devotees, who are obsessed by their noble cause to establish an everlasting utopia built upon the ashes of the quondam United States of America, which they plan to immolate.

Anyone who resists or for that matter poses a threat to their blind pursuit of the utopian ideal (i.e., Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, Sean Hannity, Victor Davis Hansen, Jordan Peterson, Rush Limbaugh, Republicans and Libertarians at Large, etc.) is a treasonous villain and undeserving of the presumption of innocence, even in the absence of a crime. As such the LFC will pursue their ends by any means necessary because they believe their cause is just—much like a religious jihad: can Civil War II be in the offing? As such they will not deign to tolerate a dissenting view much less debate the issues knowing they will be confronted by their own cognitive dissonance at best and ignominiously lose arguments at worst. Supporters of the LFC instead opt to hurl unfounded ad hominem insults at dissenters and would-be debaters (i.e., racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, islamaphobic, etc.) that clearly project their make-up as much as openly reveal their own thinly veiled dispositions.

Many card-carrying members of the LFC have voluntarily chosen to relinquish their individual sovereignty in order to advance the Leftist-Globalist-Secularist ideological agenda, with nothing less then the undignified religious fervor of an unhinged zealot. Adherents to the LFC willingly renounce or subordinate any vestigial linkages touching any and all traditional values (i.e., faith, family and liberty) that made this country exceptional to that of indoctrinated egoistic feelings (i.e., victims of oppression, identity and equality of outcomes). Furthermore, this abdication of traditional values is compounded by their abhorrence to and rejection of any semblance respecting the actual and altogether rich history of the United States; albeit, warts and all.

The primary objective of the LFC is the establishment of a New World Order, conceived in the image of Marxist ideology. Marxism, as the LFC refuses to admit, is a relentlessly tried and failed socio-economic system without a single redeeming quality, save the willow-o’-the-wisp promise of utopia that lures like a virginal siren. Acting under the guise of constructing a utopia the elitist masterminds of the LFC will inevitably carry out, with an insouciant aplomb, the signature elitist Leftist motif, which is an indiscriminate pogrom by any means necessary while enriching themselves on the spoils of what inevitably becomes a catastrophic failure.

However, given that LFC conformists discount or disregard traditional religion and by extension a belief in God, they have replaced such transcendent notions with Leftist secularism: a globalist religion larded with noble intentions and fraught with malevolent acts. Leftist secularism subscribes to the ideal of pursuing the greatest of all noble intentions, which is to create a utopian world in the here-and-now versus waiting penitently, dare I say, for the Judgment hereafter. This profanely alluring sentiment of utopian idealism actuates the LFC to pursue its ‘noble’ intentions no matter the means, costs or consequences of its acts, so long as their end is achieved—which is impossible.

Humankind has, throughout the ages, believed in the utopian ideal going back to ancient times (i.e., Tower of Babel—a case of an irresistible force of intent meeting the immovable force of an act, which always ends in chaos). Religion teaches us that the quest for continuous improvement, not the achievement of absolute perfection, defines the human condition. This is because humans are imperfect creatures after all, and no amount of social engineering, realpolitik or technology will ever change that. If perfection and heavenly utopia does in fact exist it will be no doubt apprehended in the afterlife realm of the undiscovered country, because heaven itself does not reside on earth. Faith in an afterlife serves as one of the foundational precepts for religious faith, which acts as the primary consolation for the postponement of the utopian ideal. This is because faith and hope in the afterlife has the power to quell the human need to seek for or create a mundane utopia or celestial heaven on earth. Religious hope and faith in a transcendent utopia, or heaven, permits humankind to pursue perfection, but any such pursuit shall be limited asymptotically. To think or do otherwise, insofar as perfection is concerned is sheer folly at best and absolute chaos at worst.

Any attempt by the LFC to employ such constructs as Marxism to achieve a perfected society incontrovertibly brings about ruin and chaos after the fashion of the ancient Tower of Babel. With the advent of increased population since biblical times the delusionary contrivance of creating a utopian existence through human agency has become exponentiated by an equal moiety of calamitous degree and devastating consequence no thanks to Nazism, Fascism, Communism (known collectively as Leftism). The whole of western culture including capitalism and free markets, on the other hand, is a best of all worlds’ example of an imperfect framework in which to sustain a wealth-building socio-economic system that promotes individual liberty, freedom and equal opportunity. Conversely, socialist or communal equality is a tempting entreaty that assures a race-to-the-bottom outcome of the worst kind (i.e., chaos, death and destruction on an inconceivable and inconsolable scale).

History has demonstrated that each time Leftist ideology is implemented, whether by Nazism, Fascism, Communism or any other form of Statism, including the latest LFC iteration known as Globalism, will, inevitably come to naught after burying innocent people in their millions and ruining many more lives on a scale impossible to register. Nonetheless, the LFC presupposes a daft response by hazarding to appropriate Einstein’s definition of insanity by claiming that they can do it better under their charge—a case of runaway hubris. Then no matter how many times well-intentioned eager elites are willing to try their hand at not murdering their comrades while operating the central controls of the world’s most infamously notorious killing machine—Leftism in action—they proceed as if the outcome will be different under their stewardship. The implementation of the Leftist solution is not akin to an open source network that can control for human frailty in every transaction that occurs between and amongst people everywhere—just one case of manifest self-interest at any level permanently infects the entire ecosystem like a virus—known as human nature. Moreover, when power is at stake the darkest side of human nature, insofar as self-interest is concerned, overrides any hope of actualizing the utopian ideal. As the maxim goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Assuming the LFC are the architects of good intentions, knowing that they hold those on the Right in contempt—how is that a starting point for instituting the utopian ideal?

The nominal leader of the LFC is the Democratic Party, which is a morally bankrupt group of ideologues steeped in corruption who pay lip service to the American Dream at best or condemn it on the grounds of fake or irrelevant history at worst. It is a party without a soul. Their mission is power. Their currency is greed. Their moral code is death. Their platform is big plantation-style socialistic government. This is a system that uses and exhausts other people’s wealth with no way to replace such wealth after it is spent. This system is designed to subvert free-markets and capitalism. Free-markets and capitalism is the only system that creates wealth for all people, while making those who create societal wealth especially wealthy—this makes SJW jealous to the point of ‘better to burn it down’ then to have their betters succeed. The egalitarian ideal can only be achieved when everyone is impoverished—a race to the bottom.

The LFC vision for America is to repeal and replace the ‘Free State’ that guarantees liberty to all with a ‘Police State’ that makes everyone “equally” devastated (i.e., Germany, Italy, Serbia, Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, etc.). Their solution is wealth redistribution vs. wealth creation, and when the wealth is spent, society collapses and the government is unceremoniously replaced: but at what cost as measured in lives, property and happiness.

They Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow Laws, the KKK, abortion, inner city plantations, statism, unfettered tax and spend policies, open borders, globalism, propaganda, fake history and education by indoctrination. We need to repeal and replace the Democrat Party, which is tantamount to draining the Swamp; and by the doing we shall avoid the possibility of Civil War II. All patriots who are gratefully beholden to the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, our Veterans, the foundational documents including the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, In God We Trust, Liberty and E. Pluribus Unum need to vote Republican and support President Trump in 2020. This, above all else, will do yeoman’s service to save the Republic from chaos and the possibility of Civil War II.

There is much work to do. If Republicans and Libertarians want to ensure that the values granted to the people of the United States by its Founding Fathers, which came under assault during the Civil War, but were ultimately conserved by Abraham Lincoln, the father of the Republican Party, then being typically noblesse oblige in Republican fashion cannot be tolerated. We are approaching the pivotal precipice for our generation and for the generations to come. We need to go on the offensive, which is not a natural mode of conduct for most Republicans, because we are the party of fairness, respect and civility; which the LFC will exploit and use against us. If we wait until we reach the tipping point of being offended into action we may surge at the wrong time (either too early or too late). With that said, we must marshal our resources and go on the offensive with unrelenting conviction, lest we temporize with inaction and wind up facing a much more dangerous prospect such as Civil War II. The reason I suggest such a possibility exists is because the next time the Democrats find themselves in control of the White House they will not hesitate to use the power of the Presidency to destroy the Republicans so another 2016 can never catch them unawares ever again. And what better way to bury their sins and crimes perpetrated with respect to the 2016 election than to allow the Deep State to reign supreme.

We need to pluck up our courage, organize and get out the vote in 2020 (we need to out LFC the LFC). Only by brave actions and bold deeds will the American Dream for all Americans and their posterity be realizee, and at the same time avert the potential risk of Civil War II.