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Sonnet 2: Love Redux

Bedeviled as belled cats to suffer toils,
Credits and costs on the cuff. You and I,
Born fettered to Man’s original coils—
Withered and waned whilst our love turned awry.
Outmatched, yet we won laudable titles—
To sustain the loft we grasped the nettle,
Our pride pierced to the quick of our vitals:
Chagrined with debts penniless to settle.
Frantic to resolve lest we turn the tide,
Else castaways marooned on the Altar
Of Mammon. In the abyss fell our pride—
Bankrupting dreams, oh reckless defaulter!
Numb and insensitive—to hell we fall:
Love manqué or redux on Wailing Wall?

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Sonnet 1: Forgive Us Our Dragons

Our nuptial vows did fatally succumb
To the dragons’ fires. Though our grave feathers
Came to ashes, in phoenix we shall plumb
The depths of chaos for hoarded treasures.
Fatally stamped with the fall ere our climbs—
Chancing Dante’s Inferno, hell’s bedlam:
The baptismal font did bid paradigms
To bend our souls to enlightened wisdom.
Fast broken-on-the-cross laid our shadows—
Taken up reborn…being qua being:
By faith and reason the word is logos—
Suffering: fountainhead of all meaning.
Forgive us our dragons’ sinful glory—
Indwelt dragons treasured gilds love’s quarry.

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Left Wing Progressive Stance vs. Right Wing Conservative Stance — One Family’s Fight Against Communism

Right Over Left 

Vote Republican    ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Left Wing Progressive Stance

The Left Wing Progressive Stance is characterized by an incestuous swamp-laden network flooded with Deep State Actors (“DSA”) who truck in venality, graft, corruption, cover- ups, espionage and spy games. Its members consist of an unholy alliance of DSA, whose stock and trade is to perpetuate a sinister web of Faustian Bargains. The object of which is to attain unimpeachable power as a means to freely exploit and monetize an otherwise robust political system for self-enrichment while draped in the aesthetic of their megalomaniac delusions of grandeur. This DSA cohort includes: Mainstream Media (“Propaganda Ministers”); Progressive Politicians (“Power Ministers”); Wall-Street Moguls (“Profiteering Ministers”); Intelligentsia Tsars (“Surveillance Ministers”); Education Elites (“Indoctrination Ministers”); Hollywood Activists (“Utopian Ministers”); Globalist Ideologues (“Immigration Ministers”); and, Identity Politicos (“Victim Ministers”).

This inauspicious cadre of simpatico Ministers cooperatively operate a finely tuned echo chamber that propagates and amplifies its cultish messaging to recruit, reinforce and appeal to the credulity of their base. What’s more, these Ministers use their DSA platform to infiltrate society-at-large in order to enlist people who are endowed with some of the most admirable and desirable personality traits such as creativity, agreeableness and caring— which affords the DSA with a respectable degree of legitimacy. In addition, the DSA does no less to actuate people with progressive tendencies; inculcate people with undirected passions; manipulate people with uncultivated minds; import illegal aliens to secure more votes; grant citizenship to illegal aliens to support future government growth; and, conscript an army of activists to relegate mainstream Americans to the outer margins of the political system. Withal, these crypto-communist Ministers permit their constituents to act- out and voice their biases upon a superficial stage courtesy of DSA. Like a Disneyesque city, the DSA only show their legions of supporters a staged neo-American vision without divulging the inner workings of the deep state superstructure that exists below the surface, because pawns are maintained on a need to know basis.

The Ministers of Left Wing Progressive ideologies advance their platform politics absent a due consideration for the ultimate ramifications of their policies. Their DSA platform generally consists of abortion rights, tax and spend programs, big government, porous borders, and globalism over nationalism. This Left Wing Progressive platform is structured to enable their so-called Social Justice Warriors to advance the DSA agenda, impose their will indiscriminately and justify any means necessary to secure their ends. Taken together or singly, as the case fits, these Ministers appropriate authority so they can grant various promiscuous permissions to their base. These are part of the Minister’s arsenal of red herrings that serve to foster groupthink as well as cultivate blind partisan allegiance to the Left Wing Progressive’s DSA.

The DSA endeavors to herd individuals, through fear tactics, into Leftist groups. This is accomplished by starting the process by labeling outsiders with epithets such as racist, xenophobe and Islamaphobe, because the fear of being an outcast oftentimes is enough to compel the outsider to join the group. The idea of groups, per se, appeals to the Ministers because once inside the group the ability to control the members of the group are relatively easy. (In a communist society individuals who think for themselves pose a threat to their system of control, and must therefore be eradicated or sent to a Gulag-type installation lest they infect the group with notions of individuality.) Each adherent in the Leftist group is encouraged to act-out and vociferously emote their litany of resentments, unapologetically project their biases, impose their ideologies and wreak mayhem without compunction on anyone not part of the group. To the Leftist’s way of thinking there is no need for thoughtful conversation, debate or dialectic with people who may have a dissenting point of view. With that said it is altogether appropriate for them to censor, discourage and repel others from dissenting against members of the Left Wing or for that matter challenge the Left Wing Progressive ideology in whole or in part, lest they risk being exposed and labeled as irrelevant, hoodwinked or hypocritical.

Furthermore, the Ministers of the Left Wing Progressive ideologies advocate, precipitate and promulgate many forms of “hate”, which are oftentimes heavily influenced by postmodernism ideology [a philosophy predicated on non-sequiturs in matters touching rationality, responsibility, science, logic, nature, hierarchies and truth]. These forms of “hate”, as it were, include but are not limited to the following manifestations: identify politics; political correctness; intersectionality; radical progressiveness; virtue signaling; race baiting; pathological altruism; collective Stockholm Syndrome; victim mentality; the oppressor/oppressed dynamic; economic illiteracy ignorance of history; distortion of history; globalism; socialism; fascism; communism; atheism; success shaming; wealth shaming; radical feminism; lettered protestors; social media dependents; cognitive dissidence and cognitive bias lackeys; blatant straw man tactics; and, peddling an ideology that advocates [generational plantation-style] welfare dependency.

Moreover, the Ministers are unconditionally forgiven any and all acts of malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance; but they readily decry in echo chamber fashion for “Impeachment” in virulent opposition of the sitting President even as he is stands innocent of all of the foregoing acts. This level of righteous indignation against the President, by the DSA, is conveniently justified based on the slightest rumors, innocuous faux pas or harmless improprieties that can be conjured up if it can be made to serve the Leftist narrative. The Ministers are quick to fabricate stories whether founded or unfounded, contorted or contrived, or take stories out of context, doctor them with spin, or make them up out of whole cloth fraught with bold-faced lies. President Trump is not always to be taken literally; rather, he is always to be taken seriously. In other words, put the emphasis on function over form, because the former produces the results for effect while the latter merely packages them for affect. Effect trumps affect.


The Left Wing Progressive Ministers have explicitly confessed that they vehemently denounce Western Culture because it is not, by definition, the utopian ideal (nor does it purport to be). Western Culture has, however, achieved a superior purchase over all other expressions of human culture because of its emphasis on merit, which stands in high relief against all other drivers of human value. The realization of human values, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is best signified in Western Culture. Western Culture is noted for its system of democratic principles, which are married to a free-market mixed economy with emphasis on capitalism. This sui generis recipe for civilization has raised the standard of living for people under its aegis to unprecedented heights. It has also lifted more people out of poverty than any other socio-economic convention. Furthermore, it has improved the health and well being of populations across the globe exponentially better than any other system of culture over the entire course of human history. These and other unrivaled expressions of human value emerge and thrive more prolifically in Western Culture because the busy bees of merit are free to pollinate the flowers that represent the equality of opportunity. As such, the system of Western Culture ensures against equality of outcomes thus avoiding the deadly plague of totalitarianism from decimating the potential productivity of otherwise healthy and harmonious populations of bees and flowers.

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”—Winston Churchill. President Trump has the U.S. economy thriving against all odds, not unlike a positive black-swan event. His staunchest critics who are the DSA will not concede, acknowledge, or recognize his masterful performance. The DSA will never capitulate to the Outsider President. The DSA can only lust at the chance to take the reins of power redux, and upon doing so they will immediately prosecute an illicit agenda to loot the American people like never before.

In the meantime, the Left Wing Progressives focus on the comparatively low-relief distinctions associated with the notion of equality of outcomes [universal egalitarianism] as exemplified most conspicuously by class differences. Such differences include relative measures of wealth as well as the naturally occurring vicissitudes associated with income and power disparities within Western Culture [with a wink and a nod to the Pareto effect and the associated J-Curve]. To illustrate the danger associated with the notion of equality of outcomes I shall make a comparison using the issuance of Academy Awards as an analogue. Suppose someone has accumulated a number of Academy Awards based on merit, compared to someone else who did not garner any Academy Awards, merit notwithstanding. By progressive standards, the former is the oppressor and the latter is the oppressed. The oppressed can then claim victim status, because they do not have any Academy Awards, which justifies their sense of resentment as a matter of course and by extension reifies Leftist ideology. (In that case, it would be better for the progressive [communist] government to confiscate all Academy Awards from all recipients in the interest of universal egalitarianism; and voila, you have equality of outcomes.) Hume’s Law parallels the practical limitations of transitioning from the inequality of outcomes [is] to the equality of outcomes [ought] by way of his ‘is—ought’ dichotomy. In other words, one cannot altogether transition from descriptive statements [is] to prescriptive statements [ought] without suffering adverse and/or unintended consequences.

Notwithstanding the intrinsic shortcomings of Western Culture, albeit negligible compared to any other system of governance, the argument for Western Culture continues to asymptotically approach the utopian ideal over time. This is a bonus benefit, not necessarily consciously engineered into the intended design, as it were. (The typical middle-class person living in the United States has a higher life expectancy now then any King living prior to 1950, and has better food, better healthcare and better technologies to boot, etc.) The best example of Western Culture is the United States because it has the added advantage of a constitutional government that espouses separation of powers, checks and balances, a bill of rights and equal protection under the law—which has afforded the American citizenry the highest standard of living ever in the history of humankind.

Left Wing Progressive Ministers in the United States advocate for disbanding free-market capitalism along with its attending constitutional government in favor of socialism cum communism. The calculus of promoting this seemingly innocent con is that it purports to harmonize the equality of outcomes between the haves and the have-nots through an indiscriminate wealth redistribution scheme. Property rights—the hallmark of capitalism in the private sector, will be replaced with prodigality rights—the trademark of communism in the public sector. Utopianism is another DSA version of a Faustian Bargain, but it too is a cruel mirage that inevitably leads to a T.S. Elliotesque Waste Land. (Note: utopianism is arguably the secular religion of the Left, who tend to be or at least lean atheistic—no surprise). This ideal, as it were, is wholly predicated on the principle of equality of outcomes as noted above. History teaches us that in a free and dynamic socio-economic system transactions between and amongst willing participants, per se, are necessarily optimized by the invisible hand. This is because the motivating forces of ‘mutual self- interest’ is the most efficient equalizer (as in equality of opportunity). This cannot be replicated by a centrally planned system of government with anywhere near the efficiency of a market-economy predicated on capitalistic principles. Capitalism is the economic fulcrum on which the beam that holds human nature and nurture in equal scale is freely turned. Communism, on the other hand, intervenes in an attempt to control the tilt of the scales as if it can do better—this is folly compounded by hubris to a fault.

As history has shown repeatedly, in any given socialist/communistic system with the passing of time, societal resources maintained by private citizens are unceremoniously redistributed to the point of exhausting such resources. This process unwittingly, but inevitably, acts to disincentivize actors from replenishing such economic resources, let alone endeavor to grow the stock of such resources. This leads to the eventual collapse of any centrally planned economy, howsoever conceived, and with it goes the utopian ideal a la Faust. Withal, the pending collapse of the nation-state and all who come under its direct sphere of influence inevitably become the subjects of a totalitarian regime. Those in control predictably react to the oncoming dystopian reality by resorting to tyrannizing the citizenry using lethal means of control (see Road to Serfdom—Frederick Hayek). It then becomes a foregone conclusion that any hope of realizing utopian aspirations were axiomatically doomed from the start. This comes as no surprise because the mere installation of any large-scale socialistic/communistic experiment initiates a race to the bottom where least common denominators reside. The result is that the masses become equally deprived or equally dead: so much for equality of outcomes.


Right Wing Conservative Stance

The Right Wing Conservative stance in the United States is simple and consists of two founding principles, including: i.) a strict adherence to the Constitution, as written, along with the Bill of Rights; and, ii.) a faithful commitment to and belief in ‘American Exceptionalism’—the very fruit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“Where equality is enthroned, freedom is extinguished. The rise of the egalitarian society means the death of the free society.” — Patrick J. Buchanan

Right Wing Conservatives are currently led by the Trump administration, with President Trump being duly elected to ‘drain the swamp’ of all of its DSA. The Presidential mandate was to promote and deliver on the Conservative agenda. This agenda includes but is not limited to the implementation of the following: legislate tax relief and reform; roll-back stifling regulations; promote clean air and water policies; become the world’s leading energy producer again; construct tangible and intangible border security measures; legislate immigration reform; reduce the costs of healthcare; hold NATO to account; build up the military to assure peace through strength; opt exclusively for fair trade agreements; deal firmly with rogue nations; protect America’s competitive advantages; reduce unemployment; create jobs; train and educate the work-force; repatriate the manufacturing industry; strengthen the rule of law; uphold the constitution; and, support a host of other ‘America First’ initiatives that are intended to “Make America Great Again”. All of the foregoing came by way of President Trump’s mantra: “Promises Made—Promises Kept”.

The Right Wing Conservatives believe that all forms of Leftist socialism/communism are akin to a calling card for tyranny, totalitarianism and ultimately murder on an industrial scale (e.g.: Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pot), which the Right vehemently opposes. The Right Wing Conservatives must not allow itself to go too far ‘Right’ and risk lapsing unawares into anarchy, but at the same time must not be tempted into complacency as the ‘Left’ inexorably presses more desperately towards socialism/communism then ever before. The right to dissent [meaning: to critically examine, as in free speech] is our most cherishable inalienable right and the cornerstone of Western Culture, which the Right protects far more jealously and judiciously than the Left.

Finally, our National Anthem and American Flag are the Nation’s most prominent sacrosanct symbols of freedom and liberty and no less symbolic of our sacred blood and treasure. All United States citizens have been granted a hard-won privilege to honor these symbols whether they afford them a due respect [or not]. In all events, our National Anthem resonates with unparalleled patriotic passion as much as our Flag waves proud “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave“ for and on behalf of all Americans, Left and Right.


Vote Republican — Preserve American Exceptionalism

I am, of course, a patriot, aligned with Right Wing Conservatives, but I maintain a due respect for my fellow American patriots who align with Left Wing Progressives. Moreover, my grandparents on my father’s side were offered an opportunity to become communists during WWII while under Italian, and later on German, occupation in Yugoslavia. The quid pro quo to accepting the offer would allow my father and his two sisters to go to school and integrate into the community and enjoy better opportunities. My grandparents, being devote Catholics, opted out and as a result their children lost the opportunity to obtain the makings of a formal education, albeit, with the goal of indoctrinating my father and his two sisters to communism.

After having suffered for their beliefs, my father eventually made it to America, as an illegal alien, after an odyssey that lasted some 11-years. The odyssey took him by ship to the far reaches of the world during that time. Having resolved to settle in this country he jumped-ship while enlisted in the Yugoslavian Merchant Marine when his ship ported in New York City. He met up with relatives; and with their help, he obtained employment as a dishwasher (due to not knowing the language, but as the years progressed he rose through the ranks of his profession and enjoyed a 66-year career as a world-class waiter). Within three months of reaching New York City in 1959, he met and married my mother and one-year later I arrived on the scene.

In order to avoid the risk of being deported he arranged with a lawyer, who took advantage of him financially, to enter Mexico so he could re-enter the United States legally. Unfortunately, he was arrested in Mexico and jailed for approximately one month for entering Mexico illegally. He arranged his release with another, more honorable attorney, who led him back into the United States, legally. By 1967 my father had successfully met all of the requirements for citizenship, which was conferred upon him by a court of law—a day to remember.

My father was a man imbued with an unquenchable industrious spirit and endowed with a incomparable hard-work ethic. He was a family man’s family man and he was no less a waiter’s waiter. He successfully became a productive and proud citizen of the United States. I am so proud of my father. I will honor his fight, and I will honor his parents for their fight, and I will dedicate myself to the same fight, and I will teach my children how to fight the one and the same nemesis: communism.

Thank God my grandparents encouraged their son, my father, to escape to the United States of America. They suffered the horrors of WWI and WWII and did not want to bear the thought of their son having to endure the potential for WWIII if possible; ergo, America was the answer. My father eventually brought over many relatives, including his sister, his brother, his mother and his father (although his father returned to his native Yugoslavia) and a number of cousins.

I had the privilege to visit my father’s homeland on four occasions, thrice as a boy and once as a man. The experiences are as indelible as they are precious to me. My father enjoyed 55-years of marriage with my wonderful mom. He is survived by his wife, his three sons and his one daughter. He has 9 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren, and counting. God Bless America! God Bless my family—everyone!

David Patrick Grzan