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The Political Coup Attempt Against the President

The Political Coup Attempt Against the President

The citizenry of the United States has, by degrees, become aware of the political coup attempt against the President that is now the target of investigation. Within the ambit of our political system we had a cabal lurking in plain sight, which operated with impunity atop the pinnacle organs of government. Imagine, a usurping cabal of government officials who occupied the highest offices of the land, including: the Presidency (Obama), the Directorship of the CIA (Brennan), the Directorship of the FBI (Comey), the Attorney General (Lynch), Secretary of State cum Democrat Presidential Candidate (Clinton), the Assistant Attorney General (Rosenstein), Deputy Director of the FBI (McCabe), U.S. Representative (Schiff) and others.

The duplicitous methods used with respect to the political coup attempt against the President compassed the following, including: sabotaging the opposition candidate who nonetheless became the President (Trump), delegitimizing the election by accusing Trump of collusion with a foreign power (Russia), fabricating evidence to frame Trump (dossier), espousing an accusatory narrative through major media channels (propaganda) and leveraging Hollywood and Academia (social justice warriors) to help put Trump on trial in the court of public opinion. ‘The Political Coup Attempt Against the President’ is an appropriate title for this article because the word ‘attempt’ is operative given that the political ‘coup’ failed insofar as its means as well as its ends are concerned.

Apart from the ramifications and the process that will likely bring at least some of these officials to justice, what does it say about the caliber of our top-ranking officials? For example, Brennan—Former Director of the CIA and Comey—Former Director of the FBI  and Schiff—sitting U.S. Representative have each used a variety of high-profile media platforms as their megaphone to unabashedly accuse Trump of crimes he did not commit and actions he did not take. On the contrary, their accusatory allegations did more to project, impugn and confirm their treasonous crimes on themselves, with prejudice. Furthermore, the behavior of Brennan, Comey and Schiff are tip-of-the-iceberg examples that bears testament to the skullduggery that was rampant amongst the ranking members of the fifth column cabal.

What belies their motives and actions is that neither Brennan nor Comey nor Schiff suspended judgment, demonstrated discretion for or allegiance to the honor and privilege of their esteemed offices, took account of all the facts before pronouncing conclusions, offered to seek out truth in a manner befitting their title or reputation, subordinated their opinions to the facts, considered competing ideas, considered mitigating and litigating factors or considered actual evidence in determining whether the evidence reaches the applicable legal definition of proof. Those to whom the American People entrust with power must be of a caliber level to the ideals of their title and office, withal.

This motley crew of top ranking elected officials and government appointees banded together to lead a fifth column that conspired to perpetrate the political coup attempt against the President as a means to install their candidate (Clinton) into the same said office in exchange for the promise of financial reward and power. This tidy arrangement exemplifies the political topography of the Swamp, which is comprised of an army of ‘Benedict Arnolds’ masquerading as politicians and bureaucrats. They believe that their nobility of purpose serves to justify their elitists actions, making the Constitution and the will of the American People quaint at best and obsolete at worst. ‘Left’ unchecked is how totalitarianism can metastasize throughout the body politic. The People need to cure this deleterious disease by means of a radical deracination of Leftism, Communism, Socialism and Totalitarianism, which can only be performed in the voting booth. This is the prescription given to us by the Founding Fathers as a means to conserve the health and vitality of our Constitutional Republic.

This fantastically orchestrated perpetration of an attempted coup was engineered by the cabal leaders in order to control the ex-ante or if required ex-post outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. They were not above overturning the will of the People by any means, including but not limited to the impeachment of the President or the ousting of the President by way of exercising the 25th Amendment.

Throughout history Nations have vied for military and economic preeminence as a way to protect their interests and advance their ambitions. The United States has attained a level of preeminence unmatched in the annals of history, which serves as both the impetus for American Exceptionalism as well as a bulwark against outsiders who would otherwise threaten the American way of life. Notwithstanding the attainment of such preeminence history teaches us that the United States may in-fact be conspicuously more vulnerable and possibly ripe for attacks from within its borders (a defining hallmark of a Superpower).

This is because the United States has developed a warranted confidence in its superior ability to effectuate a deterrence against external threats. With that said, the United States may have inadvertently presupposed an unwarranted confidence in its ability to orchestrate a defense against internal threats with comparable efficacy. Assuming that both premises are true it follows syllogistically that the United States is arguably more vulnerable and possibly more susceptible to attacks from within than from without. Support for this conclusion rests in the perpetration of a recent political coup attempt against the President from within—which was calculated to usurp the very foundation on which the Constitutional Republic rests.

It is imperative that Janus-esque vigilance is not to be relaxed or compromised when dealing with the risks associated with or that result from complacency, corruption, exploitation and the dreaded fifth column from within. It is widely accepted that encoded within human nature is the very essence from which chaos and order emanate: both being contingent on the other as possessing the necessary and sufficient causes for our very existence. Given that these diametric manifestations are indeed two sides of the same dynamic coin; it makes it difficult to distinguish a difference for want of a distinction that is determinatively discernible in real-time, which by extension attenuates opportunities to implement realpolitik optimally.

Vigilance must at all times be vigilant. We must resolve and steel ourselves with sedulous tenacity to make sure that justice is served. What is more is that an example be made of those who conspired to execute the political coup attempt against the President. Moreover, this disgraceful black mark against the United States of America and the Office of the President must never be permitted or allowed to happen again.

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Sonet 1 – Wounded Marriage

For our sake let not our heroic marriage fatally succumb

To the dragon’s fire. Though our spiritual feathers

Be singed to ashes, we reckon to phoenix after we plumb

The depths of our chaos to seek out its hoarded treasures.

Unimaginable sufferings entailed to our rarefied climbs—

Originating from the fall that mortalized mankind’s kingdom.

Transcending ourselves we acceded to grander paradigms,

That bend us toward the soul of our enlightened wisdom.

Having been wholly broken-on-the-cross of our shadows;

We were born again, to take up that cross of being qua being.

Being so, our begets shall become to the spirit of the logos,

And find happiness in suffering—the source of all meaning.

        Our sacred vows were taken in the service of lineal glory,

       To wit this love sonnet perpetuates our epic love in story.

                                                                                       — David Grzan

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Left Wing Progressive Stance vs. Right Wing Conservative Stance — One Family’s Fight Against Communism

Right Over Left 

Vote Republican    ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Left Wing Progressive Stance

The Left Wing Progressive Stance is characterized by an incestuous swamp-laden network flooded with Deep State Actors (“DSA”) who truck in venality, graft, corruption, cover- ups, espionage and spy games. Its members consist of an unholy alliance of DSA, whose stock and trade is to perpetuate a sinister web of Faustian Bargains. The object of which is to attain unimpeachable power as a means to freely exploit and monetize an otherwise robust political system for self-enrichment while draped in the aesthetic of their megalomaniac delusions of grandeur. This DSA cohort includes: Mainstream Media (“Propaganda Ministers”); Progressive Politicians (“Power Ministers”); Wall-Street Moguls (“Profiteering Ministers”); Intelligentsia Tsars (“Surveillance Ministers”); Education Elites (“Indoctrination Ministers”); Hollywood Activists (“Utopian Ministers”); Globalist Ideologues (“Immigration Ministers”); and, Identity Politicos (“Victim Ministers”).

This inauspicious cadre of simpatico Ministers cooperatively operate a finely tuned echo chamber that propagates and amplifies its cultish messaging to recruit, reinforce and appeal to the credulity of their base. What’s more, these Ministers use their DSA platform to infiltrate society-at-large in order to enlist people who are endowed with some of the most admirable and desirable personality traits such as creativity, agreeableness and caring— which affords the DSA with a respectable degree of legitimacy. In addition, the DSA does no less to actuate people with progressive tendencies; inculcate people with undirected passions; manipulate people with uncultivated minds; import illegal aliens to secure more votes; grant citizenship to illegal aliens to support future government growth; and, conscript an army of activists to relegate mainstream Americans to the outer margins of the political system. Withal, these crypto-communist Ministers permit their constituents to act- out and voice their biases upon a superficial stage courtesy of DSA. Like a Disneyesque city, the DSA only show their legions of supporters a staged neo-American vision without divulging the inner workings of the deep state superstructure that exists below the surface, because pawns are maintained on a need to know basis.

The Ministers of Left Wing Progressive ideologies advance their platform politics absent a due consideration for the ultimate ramifications of their policies. Their DSA platform generally consists of abortion rights, tax and spend programs, big government, porous borders, and globalism over nationalism. This Left Wing Progressive platform is structured to enable their so-called Social Justice Warriors to advance the DSA agenda, impose their will indiscriminately and justify any means necessary to secure their ends. Taken together or singly, as the case fits, these Ministers appropriate authority so they can grant various promiscuous permissions to their base. These are part of the Minister’s arsenal of red herrings that serve to foster groupthink as well as cultivate blind partisan allegiance to the Left Wing Progressive’s DSA.

The DSA endeavors to herd individuals, through fear tactics, into Leftist groups. This is accomplished by starting the process by labeling outsiders with epithets such as racist, xenophobe and Islamaphobe, because the fear of being an outcast oftentimes is enough to compel the outsider to join the group. The idea of groups, per se, appeals to the Ministers because once inside the group the ability to control the members of the group are relatively easy. (In a communist society individuals who think for themselves pose a threat to their system of control, and must therefore be eradicated or sent to a Gulag-type installation lest they infect the group with notions of individuality.) Each adherent in the Leftist group is encouraged to act-out and vociferously emote their litany of resentments, unapologetically project their biases, impose their ideologies and wreak mayhem without compunction on anyone not part of the group. To the Leftist’s way of thinking there is no need for thoughtful conversation, debate or dialectic with people who may have a dissenting point of view. With that said it is altogether appropriate for them to censor, discourage and repel others from dissenting against members of the Left Wing or for that matter challenge the Left Wing Progressive ideology in whole or in part, lest they risk being exposed and labeled as irrelevant, hoodwinked or hypocritical.

Furthermore, the Ministers of the Left Wing Progressive ideologies advocate, precipitate and promulgate many forms of “hate”, which are oftentimes heavily influenced by postmodernism ideology [a philosophy predicated on non-sequiturs in matters touching rationality, responsibility, science, logic, nature, hierarchies and truth]. These forms of “hate”, as it were, include but are not limited to the following manifestations: identify politics; political correctness; intersectionality; radical progressiveness; virtue signaling; race baiting; pathological altruism; collective Stockholm Syndrome; victim mentality; the oppressor/oppressed dynamic; economic illiteracy ignorance of history; distortion of history; globalism; socialism; fascism; communism; atheism; success shaming; wealth shaming; radical feminism; lettered protestors; social media dependents; cognitive dissidence and cognitive bias lackeys; blatant straw man tactics; and, peddling an ideology that advocates [generational plantation-style] welfare dependency.

Moreover, the Ministers are unconditionally forgiven any and all acts of malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance; but they readily decry in echo chamber fashion for “Impeachment” in virulent opposition of the sitting President even as he is stands innocent of all of the foregoing acts. This level of righteous indignation against the President, by the DSA, is conveniently justified based on the slightest rumors, innocuous faux pas or harmless improprieties that can be conjured up if it can be made to serve the Leftist narrative. The Ministers are quick to fabricate stories whether founded or unfounded, contorted or contrived, or take stories out of context, doctor them with spin, or make them up out of whole cloth fraught with bold-faced lies. President Trump is not always to be taken literally; rather, he is always to be taken seriously. In other words, put the emphasis on function over form, because the former produces the results for effect while the latter merely packages them for affect. Effect trumps affect.


The Left Wing Progressive Ministers have explicitly confessed that they vehemently denounce Western Culture because it is not, by definition, the utopian ideal (nor does it purport to be). Western Culture has, however, achieved a superior purchase over all other expressions of human culture because of its emphasis on merit, which stands in high relief against all other drivers of human value. The realization of human values, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is best signified in Western Culture. Western Culture is noted for its system of democratic principles, which are married to a free-market mixed economy with emphasis on capitalism. This sui generis recipe for civilization has raised the standard of living for people under its aegis to unprecedented heights. It has also lifted more people out of poverty than any other socio-economic convention. Furthermore, it has improved the health and well being of populations across the globe exponentially better than any other system of culture over the entire course of human history. These and other unrivaled expressions of human value emerge and thrive more prolifically in Western Culture because the busy bees of merit are free to pollinate the flowers that represent the equality of opportunity. As such, the system of Western Culture ensures against equality of outcomes thus avoiding the deadly plague of totalitarianism from decimating the potential productivity of otherwise healthy and harmonious populations of bees and flowers.

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”—Winston Churchill. President Trump has the U.S. economy thriving against all odds, not unlike a positive black-swan event. His staunchest critics who are the DSA will not concede, acknowledge, or recognize his masterful performance. The DSA will never capitulate to the Outsider President. The DSA can only lust at the chance to take the reins of power redux, and upon doing so they will immediately prosecute an illicit agenda to loot the American people like never before.

In the meantime, the Left Wing Progressives focus on the comparatively low-relief distinctions associated with the notion of equality of outcomes [universal egalitarianism] as exemplified most conspicuously by class differences. Such differences include relative measures of wealth as well as the naturally occurring vicissitudes associated with income and power disparities within Western Culture [with a wink and a nod to the Pareto effect and the associated J-Curve]. To illustrate the danger associated with the notion of equality of outcomes I shall make a comparison using the issuance of Academy Awards as an analogue. Suppose someone has accumulated a number of Academy Awards based on merit, compared to someone else who did not garner any Academy Awards, merit notwithstanding. By progressive standards, the former is the oppressor and the latter is the oppressed. The oppressed can then claim victim status, because they do not have any Academy Awards, which justifies their sense of resentment as a matter of course and by extension reifies Leftist ideology. (In that case, it would be better for the progressive [communist] government to confiscate all Academy Awards from all recipients in the interest of universal egalitarianism; and voila, you have equality of outcomes.) Hume’s Law parallels the practical limitations of transitioning from the inequality of outcomes [is] to the equality of outcomes [ought] by way of his ‘is—ought’ dichotomy. In other words, one cannot altogether transition from descriptive statements [is] to prescriptive statements [ought] without suffering adverse and/or unintended consequences.

Notwithstanding the intrinsic shortcomings of Western Culture, albeit negligible compared to any other system of governance, the argument for Western Culture continues to asymptotically approach the utopian ideal over time. This is a bonus benefit, not necessarily consciously engineered into the intended design, as it were. (The typical middle-class person living in the United States has a higher life expectancy now then any King living prior to 1950, and has better food, better healthcare and better technologies to boot, etc.) The best example of Western Culture is the United States because it has the added advantage of a constitutional government that espouses separation of powers, checks and balances, a bill of rights and equal protection under the law—which has afforded the American citizenry the highest standard of living ever in the history of humankind.

Left Wing Progressive Ministers in the United States advocate for disbanding free-market capitalism along with its attending constitutional government in favor of socialism cum communism. The calculus of promoting this seemingly innocent con is that it purports to harmonize the equality of outcomes between the haves and the have-nots through an indiscriminate wealth redistribution scheme. Property rights—the hallmark of capitalism in the private sector, will be replaced with prodigality rights—the trademark of communism in the public sector. Utopianism is another DSA version of a Faustian Bargain, but it too is a cruel mirage that inevitably leads to a T.S. Elliotesque Waste Land. (Note: utopianism is arguably the secular religion of the Left, who tend to be or at least lean atheistic—no surprise). This ideal, as it were, is wholly predicated on the principle of equality of outcomes as noted above. History teaches us that in a free and dynamic socio-economic system transactions between and amongst willing participants, per se, are necessarily optimized by the invisible hand. This is because the motivating forces of ‘mutual self- interest’ is the most efficient equalizer (as in equality of opportunity). This cannot be replicated by a centrally planned system of government with anywhere near the efficiency of a market-economy predicated on capitalistic principles. Capitalism is the economic fulcrum on which the beam that holds human nature and nurture in equal scale is freely turned. Communism, on the other hand, intervenes in an attempt to control the tilt of the scales as if it can do better—this is folly compounded by hubris to a fault.

As history has shown repeatedly, in any given socialist/communistic system with the passing of time, societal resources maintained by private citizens are unceremoniously redistributed to the point of exhausting such resources. This process unwittingly, but inevitably, acts to disincentivize actors from replenishing such economic resources, let alone endeavor to grow the stock of such resources. This leads to the eventual collapse of any centrally planned economy, howsoever conceived, and with it goes the utopian ideal a la Faust. Withal, the pending collapse of the nation-state and all who come under its direct sphere of influence inevitably become the subjects of a totalitarian regime. Those in control predictably react to the oncoming dystopian reality by resorting to tyrannizing the citizenry using lethal means of control (see Road to Serfdom—Frederick Hayek). It then becomes a foregone conclusion that any hope of realizing utopian aspirations were axiomatically doomed from the start. This comes as no surprise because the mere installation of any large-scale socialistic/communistic experiment initiates a race to the bottom where least common denominators reside. The result is that the masses become equally deprived or equally dead: so much for equality of outcomes.


Right Wing Conservative Stance

The Right Wing Conservative stance in the United States is simple and consists of two founding principles, including: i.) a strict adherence to the Constitution, as written, along with the Bill of Rights; and, ii.) a faithful commitment to and belief in ‘American Exceptionalism’—the very fruit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“Where equality is enthroned, freedom is extinguished. The rise of the egalitarian society means the death of the free society.” — Patrick J. Buchanan

Right Wing Conservatives are currently led by the Trump administration, with President Trump being duly elected to ‘drain the swamp’ of all of its DSA. The Presidential mandate was to promote and deliver on the Conservative agenda. This agenda includes but is not limited to the implementation of the following: legislate tax relief and reform; roll-back stifling regulations; promote clean air and water policies; become the world’s leading energy producer again; construct tangible and intangible border security measures; legislate immigration reform; reduce the costs of healthcare; hold NATO to account; build up the military to assure peace through strength; opt exclusively for fair trade agreements; deal firmly with rogue nations; protect America’s competitive advantages; reduce unemployment; create jobs; train and educate the work-force; repatriate the manufacturing industry; strengthen the rule of law; uphold the constitution; and, support a host of other ‘America First’ initiatives that are intended to “Make America Great Again”. All of the foregoing came by way of President Trump’s mantra: “Promises Made—Promises Kept”.

The Right Wing Conservatives believe that all forms of Leftist socialism/communism are akin to a calling card for tyranny, totalitarianism and ultimately murder on an industrial scale (e.g.: Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pot), which the Right vehemently opposes. The Right Wing Conservatives must not allow itself to go too far ‘Right’ and risk lapsing unawares into anarchy, but at the same time must not be tempted into complacency as the ‘Left’ inexorably presses more desperately towards socialism/communism then ever before. The right to dissent [meaning: to critically examine, as in free speech] is our most cherishable inalienable right and the cornerstone of Western Culture, which the Right protects far more jealously and judiciously than the Left.

Finally, our National Anthem and American Flag are the Nation’s most prominent sacrosanct symbols of freedom and liberty and no less symbolic of our sacred blood and treasure. All United States citizens have been granted a hard-won privilege to honor these symbols whether they afford them a due respect [or not]. In all events, our National Anthem resonates with unparalleled patriotic passion as much as our Flag waves proud “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave“ for and on behalf of all Americans, Left and Right.


Vote Republican — Preserve American Exceptionalism

I am, of course, a patriot, aligned with Right Wing Conservatives, but I maintain a due respect for my fellow American patriots who align with Left Wing Progressives. Moreover, my grandparents on my father’s side were offered an opportunity to become communists during WWII while under Italian, and later on German, occupation in Yugoslavia. The quid pro quo to accepting the offer would allow my father and his two sisters to go to school and integrate into the community and enjoy better opportunities. My grandparents, being devote Catholics, opted out and as a result their children lost the opportunity to obtain the makings of a formal education, albeit, with the goal of indoctrinating my father and his two sisters to communism.

After having suffered for their beliefs, my father eventually made it to America, as an illegal alien, after an odyssey that lasted some 11-years. The odyssey took him by ship to the far reaches of the world during that time. Having resolved to settle in this country he jumped-ship while enlisted in the Yugoslavian Merchant Marine when his ship ported in New York City. He met up with relatives; and with their help, he obtained employment as a dishwasher (due to not knowing the language, but as the years progressed he rose through the ranks of his profession and enjoyed a 66-year career as a world-class waiter). Within three months of reaching New York City in 1959, he met and married my mother and one-year later I arrived on the scene.

In order to avoid the risk of being deported he arranged with a lawyer, who took advantage of him financially, to enter Mexico so he could re-enter the United States legally. Unfortunately, he was arrested in Mexico and jailed for approximately one month for entering Mexico illegally. He arranged his release with another, more honorable attorney, who led him back into the United States, legally. By 1967 my father had successfully met all of the requirements for citizenship, which was conferred upon him by a court of law—a day to remember.

My father was a man imbued with an unquenchable industrious spirit and endowed with a incomparable hard-work ethic. He was a family man’s family man and he was no less a waiter’s waiter. He successfully became a productive and proud citizen of the United States. I am so proud of my father. I will honor his fight, and I will honor his parents for their fight, and I will dedicate myself to the same fight, and I will teach my children how to fight the one and the same nemesis: communism.

Thank God my grandparents encouraged their son, my father, to escape to the United States of America. They suffered the horrors of WWI and WWII and did not want to bear the thought of their son having to endure the potential for WWIII if possible; ergo, America was the answer. My father eventually brought over many relatives, including his sister, his brother, his mother and his father (although his father returned to his native Yugoslavia) and a number of cousins.

I had the privilege to visit my father’s homeland on four occasions, thrice as a boy and once as a man. The experiences are as indelible as they are precious to me. My father enjoyed 55-years of marriage with my wonderful mom. He is survived by his wife, his three sons and his one daughter. He has 9 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren, and counting. God Bless America! God Bless my family—everyone!

David Patrick Grzan

his name is joe │ installment 7

 False Impressions

The Captor was notoriously known as a prevaricating master whose craft was rooted in the putting on of affected displays, choreographed verisimilitudes, and dissembling orchestrations; which were altogether performed to disarm, induce, and beguile the full contingent of SOF’s whom he was considering to entrap under the guise of an honorable Assignment. While the SOF was under the spell or at least fixated upon the Captor’s bizarre interviewing antics and his suspiciously ingratiating performances, their gravitas would, by degrees, wane-off and dissipate, leaving their guard down. Each SOF soon felt as though they were welcomed into the fold where they were sure to be treated as a favored son or daughter, as the case might be, within the pale of the Captor’s “empire” or feudatory sway. The Captor was quick to instruct the seasoned recruits on the best way to flatter him; and then he gave each SOF the opportunity ingratiate themselves to, or wax-on their own luster upon, his indecorous crown by having to openly swear their allegiance to him.

It seemed to Joe and his Band that it was best to humor the Captor because he was the gatekeeper or ex officio of their fortunes, their freedom and their lives. Though in truth, the Captor’s aims were cloaked by any number of shrouded provisos that contained conditions which remained subject to the interpretation of his self-interest, and which were limited exclusively to the product of his narrow wants and needs, money and perversions, the wanton pillars supporting his control. Grandiose overtures notwithstanding, each SOF was instructed not to meditate too vigorously over the particulars of prospering within his realm because each SOF could take stock (worthless in any currency) in the self-proclamations of the Captor, for seldom does one find goodness in great men. Likewise, by the strange accent of the Captor’s own bias he makes an insistent recommendation of himself, declaring that he is a man of excellent repute and impeccable character equal to the dash and mystique of a self-styled mafiesque “Godfather”. And according to Joe, the Captor would routinely step into his alter-ego role with seamless dexterity; and vaunt his character with veiled threats, vague promises, and sexual innuendo’s.

Hazed Alike

The Captor’s carefully constructed dramatizations were designed to challenge his quarry, while they were distracted by their own eager attempt to secure an Assignment. It was altogether incumbent for each SOF to deny the self-evidence of the Captor’s candid pretensions, which are ominously couched in the custom of his intemperate speech; and in the jaw-dropping nonplus moment of the event, the hapless SOF would necessarily concede to the dumbfounding charade. Given the absence of any comparable experience to which an SOF might consult their scruples, notwithstanding their own best self-defense against the acceptance of an ill-fated Assignment, the innocent victim, or SOF, including Joe, were unable to give weight to their skepticism; and instead, choses by default to buy-in to the assurance of the Captor’s provisional veracity, much to their unimaginable chagrin. Joe’s Band entered as distinguished SOF’s turned ultra-elite, or rather ultra-degraded SOF’s, by a vicious one-man hazing extravaganza, of the psychopathic kind.  During the flagrant ordeal the Captor specifically instructed each one of Joe’s Band, in their turn, including Joe himself, with a highly elaborate premeditated scene of rampant histrionics mixed in with a cacophany of his well-rehearsed though seemingly disparate schtick, which was made to look like impromptu remarks of the perspicacious kind, in order to; in effect, warn each member of Joe’s Band of just how ingenius he thought he was.  The warning, level to an axomatic threat, was for each member of Joe’s Band not to forget that for future purposes it was taboo to question the Captor’s veracity, and the such should never be challenged either by confrontation or insinuation for fear of offering an untenable offense that invites, or rather provokes, an unlooked for reprisal of devastating proportions.

Unbeknownst to the any of the SOF’s, however, the barbed hooks of base servitude, choked with dread, and fraught with despair, are all inexorably predestined to become inextricably set fast to the Captor’s patently casuistic designs and suspicious policies, which were wholly bereft of any hope for alleviation.  It was folly and otherwise moot for the SOF’s to assume even the slightest notion or slenderest chance of entertaining the prospect of reclaiming their freedom, especially after they have mortified themselves by surrendering up their military services to the morbid dictates of their new master. The policy throughout the Captor’s “empire” was marked by the avarice of his unilateral appropriations, the insolence that accompanied the abuse of his office; and the whole was stamped with rough-hewn ambition colored by corruption. Likened to the fervor of a religious fundamentalist, or fanatic heretic; though religion was otherwise just a foil to advance the Captor’s agenda, did the Captor ever lose sight of his public projection; namely, that if enforceable appropriations were the effect and safeguard, venality was the cause and supply, of his no-nonsense persona.

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his name is joe │ installment 6

Deceptive Interviews

Typically, as Joe described, the exhaustive and epic interview process began with an initial interview between a carefully screened U.S. Special Operations Force member or (“SOF”) and the Captor.  The process was as formulaic in its methodology, from the perspective of the subject SOF, as it was duplicitous in regards to its maniacal objectives from the vantage of the Captor. The interviews have, over many years, included many of Joe’s SOF’s, became so adulterated in an of themselves by the Captor that it was uniformly performed and perpetrated more as a means to gage the level of susceptibility or control potential that the Captor might be able to exercise over each SOF than it was to sift for the optimal strategic military fit.  As much as Joe and his Band were qualified to carry out any mission put to them, they were as likely to be chosen for their altruistic spirit and battle-hardened mettle because there loyalty to their superior would be adament; and Joe was the exemplar of loyalty.  This so-called interview process; or aplty put, interrogation was designed to be objectively and subjectively tested and measured in terms of the SOF’s level of enthusiasm, ability and ambition to succeed in whatsoever the over-arching mission demanded, which remains to be one of today’s most distinguishable military honors. However, due to the skewing and wholesale vitiation of the process by the Captor, who patently disregarded all time-honored protocols, the unmitigated cross-examination inevitably digressed into a series of debauched allusions couched in cryptic double-entendres. The transliteration of which converted into the only language the Captor understood, which was that of greed, power, money and fearsome control.  It was clear that the control factor stemmed from a viral strain of narcissim that could not tolerate the slightest specter of a slight, much less an injury; be as it may, the insecurity of the Captor reeked of unstintable paranoia.

The Captor attempted to determine if an SOF was predisposed to venality in order that he may, with some crude tempting, control the subject SOF through financial means, of the false-positive kind; which was no more than a perverted device used to debase the candidate while satisfying the Captor’s twistedly narcissistic and over-inflated sense of self-importance. The Captor did this because he needed to feed his narcissism with adulation; whether procured by an inconvenient purchase, or by the preferred method of a threat, and when necessary a dastardly illicit action. This was not unlike the character traits of a Caligula or Göring in psychopathic terms; and not far from the resemblance of a Nero or Mussolini in terms of goal orientation; and this was all compounded by a insuperable degree of paranoia level to the ilk of an Alexander or Stalin; and what’s more, he was devoid of anything resembling remorse, which ranks on par with a Genghis or Hitler; but in all events he is unrivaled in the annals of history when it comes to narcissism.

The Captor would attempt to corrupt the candidates by subtle insinuations in order to establish, by a reluctant affirmation on the part of each SOF, some common ground for an unequal contest for control. From that point on the selection process was so distorted from the intended objective, and by degrees of calculated manipulation matched with histrionic productions the Captor channeled Joe and his Band to acquiesce to the notion that an allegiance to money was catalytic to the meaning of life; and because he was the quintessential mammonite that that allegiance should accrue to him. There was nothing to do for Joe and his Band but indulge the Captor’s blind obsession and move-on. Joe and his Band felt they could placate the Captor so long as they could serve their country in the manner consistent with their patriotism, and pay no mind to the ravings of a mistrusted lunatic. There was no concerted effort to challenge or question the “powers-to-be” on how or why the Captor, a person of title, wealth and station was allowed to pursue an agenda so foreign to common sense or contrary to patriotic objectives and national security. The assumption by Joe and the constituents of his Band was that if “Uncle Sam” deemed it necessary to grant a free-license to the Captor to exercise his prerogative, so to speak.  Though at the time it was unbeknownst to the “Powers” that the Captor was a full-fledged psychopath masquerading as a man of action, competence, and confidence: emphasis on confidence, meaning “confidence-man”; than such a granting was not to be second-guessed Joe or anyone else, although in private much talk ensued for the sake of duty. Given that the “Powers” were content in their choice, or better said the choice was foisted upon them and it was easier to accept the self-appointment to Office by the Captor, in the name of “free-enterprise and commerce” then to challenge his indomitable will.  So long as Joe and his Band accomplished the missions there was no need to deal with the Captor.

The Captor sat seated secure in his elevated-station, proceeded to pursue his agenda and determine which of the SOF’s to recruit for his purpose. The litmus test was his oblique interpretation of the maleability of character regarding each SOF; and that his assessment would be reduced to a “label” that he would affix onto if not ingrain into each SOF by incendiary declarations and vile pronouncements that he would repeat ad-nauseam until the subject SOF would relent to his driving insistence. Of course the Captor’s psychological profiling of the various SOF’s was predicated on his own warped thinking; but that was of no consequence to the Captor because he proceeded with unabashed determination to justify his sorry conclusions, without an inkling that every SOF was on to him. Central to his interrogations was the drive to exploit the financial motivations and conditions of each SOF (financial ailing or not, with ailing far and away being the preferred choice for the Captor’s control purposes), because a want of money by an SOF was tantamount to a victim in the making. The Captor would effectively assign or insist that each SOF adopt a moral aptitude in-line with his diseased expectations so that each SOF might better resemble a countenance that telegraphed a tractable resignation to his will.

Then perchance the Captor might have the thrilling opportunity to degrade the SOF to a condition of shameful disgrace, to an extent far enough a healthy level of esteem that they might abandon the greater portion of their own self-respect, and truckle to his unreasonable demands to the point where defeatism takes hold in the hopes of complete ruin.  That, when taken together withal and tested against the litmus of his discretion did determine the outcome of the interview and seal the fate of the subject SOF.  If accepted by the Captor, the SOF was then seductively introduced to an entirely different atmosphere of fugacious hospitality that was soon eclipsed by rampant hostility, and by Kafkaesque gradations the hirelings, each in their turn, would be unceremoniously initiated, deprecated, and inculcated to the stifling machinations of the Captor’s oppressive, austere and convulsive world. As for Joe, the life-style adjustment was made all the more complicated and difficult, having previously subscribed himself to the mirage; nay, the pursuit of a Capraesque existence wrapped up in an American flag. Every SOF was invariably deprived of the common decency to participate in any forum or military setting by which they could, or might be encouraged to, advance their ideas and inclinations. Furthermore, the Captor warned each SOF never to exercise their edifying capacity in order to  criticize him, constructively or otherwise; and they were emphatically prohibited from ever venturing upon their courage to be observant of his maneuverings, much less adopt a creative stance if they knew what was good for them.  Instead, the Captor flagrantly flouted the Lady-of-Justice, yet deigned to preserve the name of justice though without the substantive prerequisite of human rights; and inasmuch dared to indulge the license of it without the temper of or respect for humanity at large.

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his name is joe │ installment 5

 Immoral Victimization

During Joe’s near 15 years of captive service, as a Special Operations Commando in the “Shadow-Military”, where his life during those years was nothing short of a uniform yet various scene of persecution. The Captor, a Chief Officer, being first among his maniacal peers certainly did out-Herod his contemporaries, both in the cruel contrivances of his mandates and the rigor of their painful executions. The insufficient term of a second or two was assigned for the conversion of all military personnel to adjure to his way of thinking or be discharged summarily, or suffer some other perilous affront. Yet, if a Service-person, whomsoever, still connived at their precarious stay, were systematically deprived, under the Captor’s peremptory yoke, not only of the benefits of society and military honors, but of the common birthright of their humanity and dignity by stripping the Service-person of their God-given immunities.

The premeditated or spontaneous intentions of each mischievous taunt, menacing display, terroristic threat, and heinous act served as the ingredients of a promiscuous alchemy for the production and deliverance of terror and tribute. Each concocted manipulation was especially prepared and calculated, to astonish the particular vulnerabilities and sensibilities of each and every Service-person, with devastatingly grievous offenses in order to best achieve the effects of fear and abhorrence, the vulgar parents of control. And if a Service-person could not read the Captor’s mind as to what he wanted, than the Captor would gratuitously give that service-person a piece of his mind, while he went out of his mind, as he remonstrated the Service-person for not paying him any mind. In Joe’s case the draconian policies instituted by the Captor ruined, stole, destroyed, and robbed him and his family of every measure of happiness possible; and instead, replaced their happiness with perpetual fear, dread, nightmares, anxiety, exasperation, hopelessness, abandonment: because their lives, their fortunes, and their liberties were ever on the verge of annihilation.

Wealth Factor

The gravitational pull that the Captor, a man of contrived-wealth, abrogated-power and funded-influence, has on the common man, and no less on Officials of every stripe, is not to be underestimated. The outcome of a contest between the wealthy Captor and a disadvantaged Service-person, as in the case of Joe and his Band, will, without a saving intervention, fell to the wealthy Captor. The rhetoric or even the lies of the wealthy Captor was often times more persuasive than the truth or the solid evidence of a disadvantaged Service-person in whatever equal contest that arose between the two such contenders. The greatest obstacle that Joe had in his contest with the Captor was that Joe, constrained as he was, has to muster his abilities to advance mountainous truths and granite proofs against the hollow rhetoric and shadowlike plausibility of the Captor; and with that defeat the Captor on the field of honor.  Joe had to compensate for the Captor’s overwhelming influence that he used to mesmerize sympathizers with his specious speechcraft; backed by his ability to distribute wealth, deliver power, and dispense influence in order to gain undue support for his case.

Joe has witnessed several persons of high-military title that personally knew both the Captor and himself, where the Captor had damaged, taken advantage of, reneged on promises, behaved hostilely toward, even threatened such said persons. Those very same persons have also fully sympathized with Joe and enthusiastically embraced the merits of his case; still, they found it easier to side with the Captor, if only passively, due to his wealth position and the Captor knew this to be the case and depended on it. That aspect of reality was genuinely frustrating for Joe and it shows just how people will casts their allegiances for, as well as align their own interests with that of a wealthy person of the caliber of the Captor, even if it comes at Hero’s expense, making Joe a double victim. People seemed to have forgotten that the Captor obtained his wealth with anything but generosity; whereas the disadvantaged Service-person, such as Joe, has given all he has to so many, time and again. Also, the Captor has confused the material wealth of a person with the human value of a person; and the measure of all people, in the Captor’s estimation, is reduced to a simple function of their material wealth as measured in dollars. Furthermore, the Captor would claim his brutal antics were a sign of his eccentricity that is expected to be excused because of his wealth; whereas his behaviors would otherwise be certified that of an insane person, had it not been for his wealth.


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his name is joe │installment 4

Patriotic Contrivances

Whenever the Captor would descend to the narrow and peevish character of a disputant, he is easily provoked to supply the defect of argument by the plentitude of power. Furthermore, and by way of example, he brutally chastised Joe and Joe’s faithful patriots sans mercy, who exceeded the calculus of results with less cost than expected. Nevertheless, and without as much as a blush the Captor patently carried out his signature gambits, larded with malice and thickened with envy, over all his alliances such that he invariably resorts to double-dealing, subversive tactics, and violates the “covenants of salt” no matter how inviolate, consecrated, or contracted. All that was expected to be preserved in “good faith” was actually intended to be spoiled and subsequently despoiled by the Captor. Peace and toleration, and above all, respect for others, more especially toward the “Dedicated Few”, has never been a virtue of the Captor, the ubiquitous author of all Joe’s and his Bands’ miseries and travails. In the case of the “Entrapped”, meaning Joe and his Band, the zeal or gratitude of the Captor had promised to their valor the patriotic rewards customarily subscribed in the course of outstanding service to a level commensurate to their heroic achievements, was unilaterally dishonored.

Joe and his Band were typically flushed with success in the most dangerous of covert operations, no matter the charge, no matter how the beam turned the scales of war or conflict, they always remained eager for more serviceable action and dutiful challenge. Yet the recognitions due, of the recommendable type, for the benefit of Joe and his Band by the Captor were, without exception, dubiously guided and treacherously translated, by the temperament of his manners and prejudice, into a growing string of inconvenient obligations that had to be clipped in his skewed estimation. But by the Captor’s subtle policy of temporization by equivocation, he turned his debt of laudable praises for Joe and his Band into arraignments against them, and all recognitions owed to them were paid from the treasury of his avaricious repertoire; denominated in recanting’s, reneging’s, reductions, retractions, revisions, rackets and rampages that he might indefinitely postpone, if not altogether extinguish, the recognized service and personal accomplishments won and deserved. Neither civilians nor the military for that matter can trust the Captor’s representations based on his hollow-promises; as all of the heroic performances are alike absorbed into his private fortune without the Captor having the slightest intent to honor his word. Insofar as the Commendations were concerned, they were withheld, but the perils were escalated and uniformly sabotaged with malcontent. All that was left was the prospect of undue exposure to destruction, which was conveniently laid open to Joe and his Band.

Temporizer Extraordinaire

The abstract art of stalling for time to gain advantage, otherwise known as temporization, has been perfected by the Captor. He invariably orchestrates a full scale production that incorporates a seemingly haphazard entanglement of commotions within the set-piece of his dealings; wherein he formulates a host of relevant complexities, masterminded and unctuously, delivered in an obfuscated ad hoc fashion in order to induce, cultivate, persuade, negotiate, deceive, rope in, and finesse the opponent for the sake of gaining leverage. On a sudden the Captor’s ulterior motives become quite transparent in all its sundry manifestations where he would: re-posture to refashion, manipulate to alter, improvise to jeopardize, bluff to reframe, threaten to compel, coerce to begrudge, and finally renegotiate the terms of whatever the subject bargain may be, using that newly acquired leverage. All of the foregoing confirms, beyond a doubt, the tell-tale signs of a psychopath.

This sequence of bad faith tactics typifies the Captor’s strategic mobilization of disparate coordinations, which is universally applied to all of his business and personal dealings so that he can deliberately arrange in order to rearrange, for his undivided advantage, both the implicit and explicit terms of the so-called bargain. However, in-time, these unsuspecting governmental and military Officials inevitably become pressured into accepting terms that insult the integrity of the arrangement or bargain, as it was first produced and proposed by the Captor; and subsequently relied on, insofar as to be duly accepted by the Officials at-large. The Captor then proceeds at a glacial pace with numerous fits and starts woven into the equation as if to indefinitely extend the proposed time-frame of the subject transaction or mission. This construct is aided by the indecent arts of duplicity, leverage and craft, as well as other schemes, prearranged or improvised, to buy time. This desultory process matched with disjointed execution caused the upper echelon Officials and Ministerial agents, with whom the Captor would deal, to have their expectations uniformly vexed into a unnerving runaway case of urgency fueled by panic, which in turn would elevated to exasperating desperation, which history teaches us will predictably descend to contemptuous submission to a forced acceptance of terms far more onerous than those originally proposed by the Captor.

The Captor’s formulaic policy of serving his insatiable greed for fortune and adulation; these overarching objectives and warped principles were the ruling passions of his life, were expedited by the tactical agents of temporization and intimidation; collectively, his control mechanisms. The resentment on the part of the Officials would invariably rise to a level of extreme dismay, their confidences of which were commonly retailed to Joe with all deliberate circumspection as well as with all the inherent complex histories and circumstances in-tact. This is because Joe too had been one of those unfortunate military Officials who were beguiled in much the same fashion; and Joe, wary of the intrigues witnessed with discernment far more occurrences than anyone else. Therefore, Joe can lay claim to the congruency of his empathy to that of his compassion in terms replete with an overcompensating mutuality of incidents and effects, which gained him the trust of many Officials in connection with the Captor. Joe is most able, by experience and interest, to articulate and palpably commiserate in-kind with the same appreciable confidence given to himself by other injured Officials. The Captor, so captivated by his smugness, remains, woefully oblivious or perpetual in-denial; as Joe and his Band of hero’s prefers to have it, for a time, until such time that the “Temporizer” is temporized, and in the doing, hung by his own petard.

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his name is joe │ installment 3

Impervious Integrity

This scene of havoc and destitution left Joe and his platoon little to hope for and much to fear from their flagitious Captor, a cross between an over-manipulative Scrooge by preference and an ultra-controlling Machiavellian by policy. Joe and his platoon, on the other hand, come nearer to correspondence to that of Charles Dickens’ Cratchit in circumstance and a Washingtonian by emulation−so be it; but in the case of their pure and proper humanity having so recently been re-established on the looming ruins of their Captor’s ill-fated despotism, the duties of their former occupations and employments did tremble precariously on the edge of a precipice where it was impossible to recede, dangerous to stand, dreadful to fall.  Although the manifold inconvenience of their daunting responsibilities were aggravated by the sublime character of the love they had, but could not embrace, respecting their grieving families and steadfast friends, they nevertheless resolved to adhere to their moral and religious principles rather than to be drawn within the lineaments of their Captor’s evil doings, at any price.

In all their perilous events, they absorbed with unheralded dignity the exponential costs that suffering brings; and counterwise, rejected out of hand, a slew of temptations that were intended to compromise one against the another for mere relief or advantage.  If Joe were to recount the all too regular stories exampling their impervious integrity, the circumstantial parallels would be a tedious repetition of the same causes and effects.  Joe explained to me that though he remained conscious of his office, and considerate of the expectations of his fellow comrades, he could never be seduced from the standard of his integrity to register the unbowlderized litany of abuses sustained by himself and his band-of-brothers.  His reasoning was that he did not want a misconstruction put on the telling, because it might act as a subtle solicitation for glory−or worse, work as an importunate plea for the repugnant notion of sympathy or its damnable relation, pity.

Shocking Ramifications

After many intolerable years of having to endure an all-consuming captivity that comprehended the fairest parts of their livelihood’s, and with no little apprehension, and with almost as many years of planning, they achieved the daunting prospect of an incomparably daring escape from their Captor who imprisoned them to his will.  Since their escape, Joe’s venerable psychologist unequivocally denominated both the categorization of their Captor as a “psychopath”, and the frightful predicament of their captivity as a “modern-day concentration camp”; based on Joe’s candid summarization to him, wherefore Joe described in plain terms their episodic ordeal.  Like the protagonist in Homer’s “Odysseus”, they too returned home bewildered strangers to their families, after they have suffered the slings and arrows of their outrageous fortune, and no less their own, is for them, the most painful shock that their flesh was ever air to.  They have much to protect, enormities to salvage, horrific memories to erase and even more to fill, forgotten bridges to rediscover, sad conditions to improve, confusions to enlighten, their children to re-ingratiate, filial bonds to repair, marriages to reconstruct, and they can ill afford a question to themselves as whether “to be or not to be”: never to shuffle off their mortal coil upon their own permission.  Their families’ sufferings during the forced interregnum of their domestic life, which occurred during the span between the vitality of our stolen prime and the milestone in-sight of their respective jubilee’s, has been commended to the hallowed scales of law and equity for its recalibration, and their overdue rectification. Withal Joe and his band-of-brothers shall abide the determination of law, and at the same time fight for the dearest of human rights, freedom and property; and as for the enmity of his former Captor, he shall never again exclude his band-of-brothers, or anyone, from the universal benefits of peace, toleration, and respect.

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his name is joe │ installment 2

 Freedom Commandeered

The patrimony of our domestic happiness redounds to us in a civilized age fortified by justice, liberty, and civil freedoms. These endowments have been perfected by the recognition of our inalienable rights, which was comprehended and bravely established, in letters patent, by our Founding Fathers. The pride of citizenship and common dignity can be measured alternatively, as it were, by private judgment according to the definite rule of law, or by the standard of ethics employed in both civil and corporate governance; or, more so, by the degree of patriotism that accords the common defense of our country. These cherished constructs of our civilization invite the interpolation of overarching ideals that are guided by a number of factors, including: the influence of pure reason, the manner of our ingrained traditions; and the luxury to accept and embrace each other’s individualistic propensities, without fear of ridicule or chastisement.

The nominal precepts denominated above underscore and give expression to freedom; and not just for freedom’s sake; but for whom freedom frees, and what it means to those who lose, want or have their freedom taken, a fortiori restored. The interpretations, iterations and modalities of freedom proliferate within the various streams of communication that allow for unfettered and exemplary human intercourse. Freedom, in and of itself, exists within, and defines withal, the imperfect hope of a free society. A free society shall, in its own course, nourish the will, fortify the strength, and lift up the spirits of each member thereof in order that each constituent may indulge the privilege of license and liberty, thusly afforded. This Constitutional right (though I deem it a privilege) was and continues to be, no doubt, paid for in patriotic blood, so that every generation, heretofore and henceforth, may live free to pursue their dreams and fulfill their happy aspirations.

Howsoever Joe and his band-of-brothers entered the fray of uncertainty, they proudly mantled the heritage of their country’s hard-won license and liberties upon their honor as they took up our respected charges, as befitting their duty.  Their blind obediance and loyalty were nevertheless compromised by this roguish Captor, a duplicitous patriot doubling as a profiteer, whose dissembling pretenses were entirely self-serving.  Unbeknownst to the commanders at-large, of every rank and stripe, Joe and is platoon were unceremoniously waylaid and carried off by this pestiferous Captor, who sought to appropriate from them their dream for a better life for themselves and their families.  Each one of them was interviewed and singled-out for a specific purpose, only to be rudely vitiated, and then suffer the unwarranted breach of the Captor’s hollow promises, followed by a ruthless subjugation to impossibly hard conditions.  They were uniformly denied their liberties in order to satisfy his own nefarius designs of extortion, plunder and rapine; and yet they swore amongst ourselves that they would one day band together and expose this infiltrating charlatan who finagled and cajouled his way into the  upper echelons of power, and exact upon him the full measure of his just deserts in accordance with his perpetrations.

Because, it can be argued that any member of a free society can just as easily suffer the same brand of criminal extortion level to the measure of their own dreams; if the would-be perpetrator, exampled by their former Captor, is not checked in his career.  They, unfortunately, were uniformly deprived of the patrimony that is the stars and stripes, the very fabric of freedom, by an overbearing, far-reaching confidence man, their Captor, who posed as the deadly occupying force in their lives. He is the archetypal con-man, a rival for history’s most notorious villains, through and through. By way of characterization, this villain is so overweening with effusive impunity, and so vulgar with his spewing confidence, that he cannot avoid parading his con-artistry skills to the point where he cons himself more than he cons anyone else; giving him the confidence to con others into believing that the lies he conned himself into believing are believable.

The Captor successfully underwrote his prodigious rise in prosperity to a height beyond the reach of his own ability; funded, in great part, by his wholesale extortion of Joe’s and his band’s superior know-how and profitable exertions derived from their extreme sacrifices. Yet their arduous labors and exemplifications were, in-time, contrived for the undoing rather than to sustain a mocked-allegiance to this despicable tyrant.  They excelled in the practice of what is meant to be a true parergon; always exceeding the expectation, but not without a red-herring skillfully deployed, though subtlety advertised, for their collective escape, God willing. The execution of their designs demanded an audacious dethroning of the tyrant, as it were, by ceremoniously ungilding his lies, to expose the base depravity of this monstrous despot; who established himself, and operated within, the plain sight of accomplished society.

The Captor relished to withhold their liberties and savored to restrict their freedoms, upon pain of death and worse, for his sole enjoyment, leaving them bereft of their dignity and stripped of their honor as dutiful soldiers.  And by a plethora of calculated schemes the Captor managed to separate them from their expectations, and imprison us in a condition that was too horrible for Joe to recall, and even more infested with consternations to believe. Nevertheless, their adamant patriotism remained steeled in tradition, and their eternal hopes lay indelibly tempered in unshakable faith. Once imprisoned to his treatment with their freedom commandeered, his insatiable appetite to devour their humanization, a custom emblematic his modus operandi, worked to defraud them out of their just patrimony, with unconscionable duplicity: a crime tantamount to nothing less than hi-jacking the sanctity of the American dream.

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his name is joe │ installment 1

Communicating Experience

Words, no matter how we color or accentuate them, are in and of themselves, at times, a woefully inadequate agent or disadvantaged surrogate for communicating the experience of experience to others who have not had the experience; especially those touching war.  For most people words are employed, usually by default, often by choice, and sometimes by necessity for translating experience to others through the prism of languaged communication that is, however, wont to distort, refract and otherwise obliquely reflect experiences.  For the most part, anytime anyone wishes to give expression to experience, experience must be reduced to words; the reservoir of which is compiled and catalogued in languages, and configurable to the common practice of relating experiences, and no less adaptable for the conveyance of one’s thoughts, as far as words will allow.  I shall use words built upon words to unpack the experiences of one certain Joe, a former Prisoner-of-War, a Hero’s Hero. Suffice it to say that words alone can, at best, dispense a cursory justice to the experiences experienced by Joe, my closest friend, whose anonymity is as costly to risk as it is beneficial to insure. In order to relate Joe’s extraordinary experience I shall endeavor to transfer the eidetic accounts locked in Joe’s memory; so that others can appreciate, incorporate, absorb, and validate his salutary dedication to Flag and Country: not for himself, but for those he served with; and by this narrative, I present Joe’s story. Mine is the honor to serve Joe and all whom he represents.

As for me the challenge to communicate effectively, and no less faithfully, is as daunting in scope due to myriad complexities, as it is singular in content due to the voluminous particularities; but in all events, an esteemed privilege conferred on me by Joe. How might I effectively describe Joe’s experiences, such as: What it is like to be cheated out of a life’s worth of hoped for memories? What it is like to be subjected to ’round-the-clock forced labor? What it is like to be forcibly separated from your family and friends for nearly a half-generation? What it is like to be someone’s prisoner or slave? What does the experience feel like to have your enemy threaten your life, and the lives of your children, while you remain a P.O.W.? What about being hectored with torments like destroying all that you own, all you long and dream for – like going home to your wife and children? What does the experience feel like to watch your fellow comrades suffer similar consequences with nothing to offer each other but the faint mutuality of empathetic commiseration? What it is like to fail the one you love without recourse to remedy? What it is like to have the horrors of war foisted into your experiences that reshape, redefine and haunt your life forever?

Joe is constrained by the moral imperative attendant to conscious duty that cries out for the retailing of the immeasurable sufferings endured by his fellow veterans (alive and passed), and the counter-poising pain concomitant with his recalling, reliving and recounting of unspeakable atrocities. The gauntlet that Joe has chosen to run carries with it the potential for him to incur an utterly complete emotional and mental melt-down, as he traverses anxiously up the Everest of his fears fearing his sanity will be swallowed up by an irreparable case of post-traumatic-syndrome, before he can top the summit of his daunting expedition. Insofar as the scores of enlistees that were charged to Joe’s command or consigned to his refuge under the title of P.O.W., as the case turned awry, now, look to Joe again to recruit the command of his voice to tell their story. They themselves cannot bear the burden or sustain, with any confidence, a lucid coherence with the staying power enough to effectively communicate their horrific experiences to a candid world; whether for their own relief and due justice, and as much for their fallen brethren—the source of their festering wounds—wounds that bleed out what little hope remains.

The entirety of Joe’s existence has reached a culminating point where he feels he must enter the breach once more and persuade, and even convince others of their histories. The accounts of Joe’s testimony; are for naught, save the telling, the conveying, and the communicating of their collective experiences regarding their notorious Captor – the perpetrator of great sufferings and untold miseries. So there stands Joe, stepping out from the ranks of this Band-of-Brothers, women included, shall disappoint the avarice, or at least the peculation, of their implacable foe. Nevertheless, Joe aims to succeed as well as help those who cannot help themselves in this regard, for he shall not relent until the Captor who plied the age-old tactic of divide and conquer is thoroughly subdued. If Joe appears alone it is because his supporters are behind him, hidden in single file, ready to fan out to show their strength and resolve, and reclaim their own dignity that was stolen from them by a most roguish evil-doer—whom Joe stickles not to aver that such-a-one is cater-cousin to Lucifer. The day is coming when this Band-of-Brothers shall celebrate their liberation and denounce this fiend who worships perpetually at the Temple of Mammon, which he, the Captor, is nowhere to be discovered in the Book of Life.

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