Sonnet 27: Love At First Sight

Dayspring scans the sable mantled
Starry night by amber light kissed with tea
Rose hues—spies the comely face whose chandelled
Lids doth stall oped, in ken, to gaze on me.
Limpid lapis lazulis flashing fire—
Jet-flecked portals beguile with guerdons paid
In ogles winking on enflamed desire:
Visual wonders bade my looks be stayed.
Winsome stares and frisson beams, penetrates
Both ways, makes cynosures of prizing eyes—
Lambent coups d’oeil to rouse impassioned mates:
Ovational smiles witness noontide skies.
Enchanté dear image queued in mirror—
Each day my peer reflects coupe de foudre!

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