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Sonnet 30: On Milton’s Satan

Signet of splendor, model of wisdom,
Corrupted by pride, full of ambition.
Combustion in Son, flames to imprison—
Lucifer plummets, clique to perdition.
Condemned to brimstone, angels be devils,
Attack His Redoubt? Corrupt His Man made?
Elected by fraud, cloistered right vassals,
Contrition forsook; lapsarian swayed.
Th’ Apostate impeaches God for Man’s fall—
Bids Four Horsemen deracinate His Word:
Plague, Famine, War, Death smite Creation’s thrall—
Man serves hell’s reign better than heaven’s Lord?
Free will o’er High Providence backs façade—
Justifies the ways of Satan to God.

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Sonnet 25: Original Seduction

Hell’s Incubus, father of Sin and Death,
Impregns with temptsome seed Eve’s dream gestalt—
Fiend cants supernal fruit in shibboleth:
Godlike by branched knowledge vouchsafes no fault.
Eve of narcissistic bent discovered
On distant ground by Evil serpentine—
Nigh seduced by her female charms, suffered
His envy ere seduced her to incline.
Praised beauty pedestals Eve to goddess
Immaculate—Rib’s pride cloyed on urged sin—
Wife-cμm-seductress woos Adam to bliss,
Choose flesh of his flesh, o’er God, reaps chagrin.
Paradise lost by tandem seduction,
Paradise regained by paid redemption.

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