Sonnet 30: On Milton’s Satan

Signet of splendor, model of wisdom,
Corrupted by pride, full of ambition.
Combustion in Son, flames to imprison—
Lucifer plummets, clique to perdition.
Condemned to brimstone, angels be devils,
Attack His Redoubt? Corrupt His Man made?
Elected by fraud, cloistered right vassals,
Contrition forsook; lapsarian swayed.
Th’ Apostate impeaches God for Man’s fall—
Bids Four Horsemen deracinate His Word:
Plague, Famine, War, Death smite Creation’s thrall—
Man serves hell’s reign better than heaven’s Lord?
Free will o’er High Providence backs façade—
Justifies the ways of Satan to God.

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Sonnet 29: Honor Thy Father and Mother

Tablets of Testimony; enjoinments
Writ in ought nots by God’s finger laws ten,
Save one pure aye of all commandments—
Honor thy parents for life, reaps Amen.
The elected fruitful who’ve multiplied,
Gains divine grace maugre further merit—
Redeems pensioned charity codified
In stone to licit for honors credit.
Filial honor as with dis—transcend
By analogue to Heav’n come joy or grief:
Creation redounds to wights, a godsend—
Creates imago Dei, Honor’s motif.
Lest mine transgress to wanton stygian,
Pray Creator enacts oblivion.

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Sonnet 28: Croatian Vacations

Our father newborn interwar forth strove—
Of Dalmatian stock shipped to Gotham quay,
Weds his bride ere begets their treasure trove:
Homeland sojourns under vine and fig tree.
A seaside hamlet mapped on rocky treads—
Jammed by loaded brays and fatted stock flocks.
Maids bore water-brimmed jugs up on their heads—
Drawn from public wells. Bocci bowls and knocks.
Masoned homes roofed by tiles clay monk and nun,
Skirts the steepled church and belfry tower:
Framed by fish boats, crop farms and Alps nigh sun—
Homespun, sweat and feasts! Snubbed motive power.
I rote the bouts my proud ancestors braved.
I note the past, successors crave be saved.

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Sonnet 27: Love At First Sight

Dayspring scans the sable mantled
Starry night by amber light kissed with tea
Rose hues—spies the comely face whose chandelled
Lids doth stall oped, in ken, to gaze on me.
Limpid lapis lazulis flashing fire—
Jet-flecked portals beguile with guerdons paid
In ogles winking on enflamed desire:
Visual wonders bade my looks be stayed.
Winsome stares and frisson beams, penetrates
Both ways, makes cynosures of prizing eyes—
Lambent coups d’oeil to rouse impassioned mates:
Ovational smiles witness noontide skies.
Enchanté dear image queued in mirror—
Each day my peer reflects coupe de foudre!

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Sonnet 26: Paterfamilias

Happy wedding with our children present,
Her boy my girl ere twain babes born did come—
The count tallies two boys charmed and pleasant,
Two girls fair and lovely—each a good plum.
My wife kept house as ‘twere our gilt Versailles—
Beset clock-round my firm career enthralled.
Tree-lined locus with rills and lochs nearby,
Customs treasured, though velvet dreams forestalled.
Fledglings on-high stooped low and durst defy,
Edict powers I claimed but feigned whilst reigned—
Blessings bibbed with precepts bore no reply,
Save for mean acts, cold shuns, brass spites entrained.
My covert cares buffered unseen troubles—
Their overt snubs spat from carefree bubbles.

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Sonnet 25: Original Seduction

Hell’s Incubus, father of Sin and Death,
Impregns with temptsome seed Eve’s dream gestalt—
Fiend cants supernal fruit in shibboleth:
Godlike by branched knowledge vouchsafes no fault.
Eve of narcissistic bent discovered
On distant ground by Evil serpentine—
Nigh seduced by her female charms, suffered
His envy ere seduced her to incline.
Praised beauty pedestals Eve to goddess
Immaculate—Rib’s pride cloyed on urged sin—
Wife-cμm-seductress woos Adam to bliss,
Choose flesh of his flesh, o’er God, reaps chagrin.
Paradise lost by tandem seduction,
Paradise regained by paid redemption.

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Sonnet 24: “My Kingdom for a Horse!”

O divided House of Plantagenet—
York against Lancaster; martial roses,
White versus red: civil war, banishment,
Usurpation! Death till Death reposes!
Succession ambition ruled the canted
Contender, ape-squared The Prince, of suspect
Claim to the Albion throne: his planted
Axiom—‘G’—wrought murderous affect.
A regicidal villain woos to wife
The vexed widow he created; a rude
Ruse, doth wed again for gain—authors strife
For next-in-line nephews: towered ere slewed.
Enthroned! Rivals battle: Lord loses reins—
“My kingdom for a horse! “…Tudor rose reigns!

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Sonnet 23: 12 Labors of Hercules

Roar’s chaste hide skinned, worn proud, proves pride’s mane dead;
Clipped heads double back till seared necks grow naught;
Gilded rack trapped though arrows she out fled;
Goring grunter run-down ere snowbound caught.
Twain waterways bolder-choked sluiced sty clean;
Forged gift rousts bronze-beaked raptors up ere fired;
Horned beast rampages, subdued by Strength’s spleen;
Mares moated, groom downed—mouths stitched—homed retired.
Girded Shrew deigns—baited slain—her boon stole;
Strait through, sun cupped, triune slayed—rustles bugged;
Stymied, lifer freed, picked by trick world’s thole;
Permission conditioned hell’s hound throats tugged.
Spelled insane, slew his clan—Priestess assized,
Twelve years and labors ere immortalized..

Sonnet 22: “…Casual Slaughters…”

Death is the object of impermanence:
Come-at-able mortality renders
Life a transient change of existence—
A fait accompli for played offenders?
The spectered King adverts his paccavi;
Unseen eavesdropping mole poniarded,
An unearthed skull cupped in hand vis-à-vis—
Sycophantic schoolfellows beheaded.
A lady in waiting drove senseless drowned,
Mourning brother envenomed by unction,
Royals imbibe pearled poison—pates uncrowned,
Tortured Dane undone by self-seduction.
Death lives when life dies, yet death’s durance vile
Can commute death’s life if life played shows style.

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Sonnet 21: Alpha Wolf Unpacked

Oh mysterious creature! Wolves pack lairs—
Alfas tread alone. Eerily endowed
With intuitive perception he bares
His fanged precognition—rivals kept cowed.
He advocates by preternatural
Idealism—judges by his canine
Moral code—harmonizes radical
Ends to achieve his perfected design.
Hunts altruistic and selfless causes—
Moonlight romance, deeper than howling thrills!
Cycles of empathy and recluses—
If challenged, on guard Quixote’s windmills!
Cursorial mind, authentic au fait:
His personality—INFJ.

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