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Revolution! Revolution! Freedom
And Liberty trumpeted Providence—
Wartime’s gallant paladin braved treason:
Washington, a seer hip to precedence.
Mounted amid the crossfire he assailed,
Missiles fanned about Fortune’s instrument—
Victory at Yorktown, a hero hailed:
Vanquisher abdicates—sets precedent.
Suffrages all for his Presidency—
Aegis of domestic tranquility—
Palmed incumbent yields for precedency—
To vine and fig tree of felicity.
Farewell Address—entreats constituents
To behoove the Precedent President.

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Sonnet 14: Pen & Voice

Britain’s King, of sceptered impunity,
Crowned the colonies with purple-mantled
Acts of tyranny then flouts amity:
No quid-pro-quo—Revolution gambled!
The second delegates deft of statecraft
Formed committees of those in attendance:
One such, the ‘Committee of Five’ to draft
The Declaration of Independence!
Pen drafted the ‘apples of gold’ with all
Points pled, cap-à-pie, ere thrall was culled out.
Voice of the scriptured scroll clotured the call
To writ large their sacred Honor by tout.
Pen and Voice, active sons of Liberty,
Passed both on the Fourth’s Golden Jubilee!

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