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Sonnet 28: Croatian Vacations

Our father newborn interwar forth strove—
Of Dalmatian stock shipped to Gotham quay,
Weds his bride ere begets their treasure trove:
Homeland sojourns under vine and fig tree.
A seaside hamlet mapped on rocky treads—
Jammed by loaded brays and fatted stock flocks.
Maids bore water-brimmed jugs up on their heads—
Drawn from public wells. Bocci bowls and knocks.
Masoned homes roofed by tiles clay monk and nun,
Skirts the steepled church and belfry tower:
Framed by fish boats, crop farms and Alps nigh sun—
Homespun, sweat and feasts! Snubbed motive power.
I rote the bouts my proud ancestors braved.
I note the past, successors crave be saved.

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Sonnet 26: Paterfamilias

Happy wedding with our children present,
Her boy my girl ere twain babes born did come—
The count tallies two boys charmed and pleasant,
Two girls fair and lovely—each a good plum.
My wife kept house as ‘twere our gilt Versailles—
Beset clock-round my firm career enthralled.
Tree-lined locus with rills and lochs nearby,
Customs treasured, though velvet dreams forestalled.
Fledglings on-high stooped low and durst defy,
Edict powers I claimed but feigned whilst reigned—
Blessings bibbed with precepts bore no reply,
Save for mean acts, cold shuns, brass spites entrained.
My covert cares buffered unseen troubles—
Their overt snubs spat from carefree bubbles.

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