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Sonnet 17: Flowers of Love

Heyday reveries of Cherry Blossom
Dalliances fly; streaming thoughts drift charmed,
Of my quondam Bird of Paradise Palm—
Pierced deep our Bleeding Hearts, so Love adjourned.
Spellbound by my relished melancholy
I recalled true Lily and pure Lotus—
Lifters of spirits, two loves both folly:
Out of my depth each a troth poetess.
Burgeoning remembrances of Passion,
Magnolia, Tulip and Orchid: all
Cut flowers—planted—withered wanned ashen:
Graved blooms live Amaranth in me withal.
Bedded in my garden a Rose to wed—
Adulteress bush pricked her guilt till dead.


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Sonnet 12: Tribute Qua Tribute

I am the honor of what is most prized.
I am the flower on the sepulture.
I am the namesake for children baptized.
I am the guarantor of all culture.
I am the preserver of tradition.
I am the memorial to lives lost.
I am the surety for protection.
I am the treasure paid to trim the cost.
I am the dedication much preferred.
I am the consecrated victory.
I am the commemoration in word.
I am the monument to history.
Caved shadows on parade show attribute
Of my form—c’est moi! Tribute qua Tribute!

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