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The Political Coup Attempt Against the President

The Political Coup Attempt Against the President

The citizenry of the United States has, by degrees, become aware of the political coup attempt against the President that is now the target of investigation. Within the ambit of our political system we had a cabal lurking in plain sight, which operated with impunity atop the pinnacle organs of government. Imagine, a usurping cabal of government officials who occupied the highest offices of the land, including: the Presidency (Obama), the Directorship of the CIA (Brennan), the Directorship of the FBI (Comey), the Attorney General (Lynch), Secretary of State cum Democrat Presidential Candidate (Clinton), the Assistant Attorney General (Rosenstein), Deputy Director of the FBI (McCabe), U.S. Representative (Schiff) and others.

The duplicitous methods used with respect to the political coup attempt against the President compassed the following, including: sabotaging the opposition candidate who nonetheless became the President (Trump), delegitimizing the election by accusing Trump of collusion with a foreign power (Russia), fabricating evidence to frame Trump (dossier), espousing an accusatory narrative through major media channels (propaganda) and leveraging Hollywood and Academia (social justice warriors) to help put Trump on trial in the court of public opinion. ‘The Political Coup Attempt Against the President’ is an appropriate title for this article because the word ‘attempt’ is operative given that the political ‘coup’ failed insofar as its means as well as its ends are concerned.

Apart from the ramifications and the process that will likely bring at least some of these officials to justice, what does it say about the caliber of our top-ranking officials? For example, Brennan—Former Director of the CIA and Comey—Former Director of the FBI  and Schiff—sitting U.S. Representative have each used a variety of high-profile media platforms as their megaphone to unabashedly accuse Trump of crimes he did not commit and actions he did not take. On the contrary, their accusatory allegations did more to project, impugn and confirm their treasonous crimes on themselves, with prejudice. Furthermore, the behavior of Brennan, Comey and Schiff are tip-of-the-iceberg examples that bears testament to the skullduggery that was rampant amongst the ranking members of the fifth column cabal.

What belies their motives and actions is that neither Brennan nor Comey nor Schiff suspended judgment, demonstrated discretion for or allegiance to the honor and privilege of their esteemed offices, took account of all the facts before pronouncing conclusions, offered to seek out truth in a manner befitting their title or reputation, subordinated their opinions to the facts, considered competing ideas, considered mitigating and litigating factors or considered actual evidence in determining whether the evidence reaches the applicable legal definition of proof. Those to whom the American People entrust with power must be of a caliber level to the ideals of their title and office, withal.

This motley crew of top ranking elected officials and government appointees banded together to lead a fifth column that conspired to perpetrate the political coup attempt against the President as a means to install their candidate (Clinton) into the same said office in exchange for the promise of financial reward and power. This tidy arrangement exemplifies the political topography of the Swamp, which is comprised of an army of ‘Benedict Arnolds’ masquerading as politicians and bureaucrats. They believe that their nobility of purpose serves to justify their elitists actions, making the Constitution and the will of the American People quaint at best and obsolete at worst. ‘Left’ unchecked is how totalitarianism can metastasize throughout the body politic. The People need to cure this deleterious disease by means of a radical deracination of Leftism, Communism, Socialism and Totalitarianism, which can only be performed in the voting booth. This is the prescription given to us by the Founding Fathers as a means to conserve the health and vitality of our Constitutional Republic.

This fantastically orchestrated perpetration of an attempted coup was engineered by the cabal leaders in order to control the ex-ante or if required ex-post outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. They were not above overturning the will of the People by any means, including but not limited to the impeachment of the President or the ousting of the President by way of exercising the 25th Amendment.

Throughout history Nations have vied for military and economic preeminence as a way to protect their interests and advance their ambitions. The United States has attained a level of preeminence unmatched in the annals of history, which serves as both the impetus for American Exceptionalism as well as a bulwark against outsiders who would otherwise threaten the American way of life. Notwithstanding the attainment of such preeminence history teaches us that the United States may in-fact be conspicuously more vulnerable and possibly ripe for attacks from within its borders (a defining hallmark of a Superpower).

This is because the United States has developed a warranted confidence in its superior ability to effectuate a deterrence against external threats. With that said, the United States may have inadvertently presupposed an unwarranted confidence in its ability to orchestrate a defense against internal threats with comparable efficacy. Assuming that both premises are true it follows syllogistically that the United States is arguably more vulnerable and possibly more susceptible to attacks from within than from without. Support for this conclusion rests in the perpetration of a recent political coup attempt against the President from within—which was calculated to usurp the very foundation on which the Constitutional Republic rests.

It is imperative that Janus-esque vigilance is not to be relaxed or compromised when dealing with the risks associated with or that result from complacency, corruption, exploitation and the dreaded fifth column from within. It is widely accepted that encoded within human nature is the very essence from which chaos and order emanate: both being contingent on the other as possessing the necessary and sufficient causes for our very existence. Given that these diametric manifestations are indeed two sides of the same dynamic coin; it makes it difficult to distinguish a difference for want of a distinction that is determinatively discernible in real-time, which by extension attenuates opportunities to implement realpolitik optimally.

Vigilance must at all times be vigilant. We must resolve and steel ourselves with sedulous tenacity to make sure that justice is served. What is more is that an example be made of those who conspired to execute the political coup attempt against the President. Moreover, this disgraceful black mark against the United States of America and the Office of the President must never be permitted or allowed to happen again.

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